Mindful Weight Loss with Michelle Tubman, MD

Michelle Tubman

You’ve heard that 99% of diets fail. But what if you could learn how to be the 1% that succeeds, without restriction, crazy hours at the gym or an endless list of food rules? Join emergency physician and weight loss coach, Dr. Michelle Tubman, as she explores the intersection of medicine and mindset in weight loss. You’ll learn the science behind hunger, cravings, and habit formation so you can harness the power of your own body's wisdom to lose weight. Michelle knows what it’s like to be overweight and feel defeated, which is why this show ventures beyond what and when to eat, and tackles the deeper, intimate reasons why we gain weight. Bringing in eating psychology and neuroscience, you’ll learn how to use your brain to make weight loss easy and find true freedom from food. Learn all this and more as Michelle shares her powerful tools for transforming your mind and body with joy and confidence as you journey towards healthier, sustainable weight loss.

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