Mastering Money in Midlife

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Mastering Money in Midlife is the podcast for female entrepreneurs who want to overcome financial anxiety and build wealth without burning out or sacrificing their families. Mastering Money in Midlife is hosted by Debbie Sassen, a certified life and money coach with over 20 years of financial planning, investing, and wealth creation experience with Goldman Sachs, the Bank of Israel, and as an entrepreneur building a multi 6-figure business. Each week Debbie shares the exact strategies and resources you need to change your relationship with money and move from scarcity to abundance. Learn how to get rid of the mental blocks that have you under-charging, under-selling, and under-investing. Remove subconscious feelings of insecurity, judgment, and rejection that surface when you set – and achieve – big money goals. Making more money and managing it better is possible, and this podcast will show you how. Visit us over at for more resources.

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46: 3 Steps to Forgiving Yourself for Financial Mistakes

There is an emotional side to money, isn’t there? It’s the part of us that sees any mistake we’ve made with money as something that is wrong with us. Fixing financial mistakes isn’t easy—it takes a lot of hard work—but if you start by forgiving yourself for the mistakes you’ve

059. powerful journaling questions for the autumn equinox

It’s time to reflect and renew your energy! In this episode, get a quick and dirty energy read of today and get some of the most POWERFUL questions to consider to best utilize the energy of the Autumn Equinox to clear the slate and manifest what you want, before you

45: Setting and Achieving Your Income Goal

Have you been trying to determine how to grow your business financially, but aren’t sure where to start? This week on the podcast, I talk about the best place to start – by setting and achieving an income goal. Learn how to use the SMART acronym to build a goal,

44: How to Leave a Legacy with Your Money

There might come a point where you feel like you have enough money. It can feel difficult to know what to do once you get to that point, though. You want to make sure that you continue to have enough without money becoming the center of everything you do. This

058. 3 skills to master to become unafraid & stay grounded in uncertainty

(01:22) why doing this work is so important (05:03) overview of the 3 strategies and the 2 prerequisites required to use them (07:23) identifying fears, feeling fear, and processing the emotion (14:35) breaking down fear, disappointment, shame & pain (20:55) tending to your nervous system & noticing your triggers (32:01)

43: How Much Money is Enough?

Do you have enough money? How much actually is enough? This week, find out how the amount of money you make affects your life in the present, why you need to start answering questions about children and retirement (even if it seems far away), and how you can enhance your

057. what happened on my first shroom trip

“How was it?! Tell me everything!!!”  Well, everything and nothing has changed. This episode is chock full of insights and codes to unlock your highest self, so sit down, keep your mind open, and get ready for a wondrous trip. (00:17) Disclaimer about this episode (01:33) My 9-day self-retreat, intentions,

42: Grief, Financial Loss and Gain with Emily Griffith

If your financial identity is changing because of a loss or a gain, this week’s guest is here to help. Emily Griffith is a certified life coach who helps women process and transmute their grief. Grief was the fuel that propelled her out of her corporate job and gave her

41: Hormones, Fertility, and Running a Business with Lauren Allen

Lauren Allen shares her experience with PCOS and how this led her to get certified as a nutrition coach and start her business. We dive deeper into the food industry, the social and cultural factors that affect our opinions about and attitudes towards food, the various ways what we eat

40: Managing Money as a Smart Human with Else Kramer

This week I’m joined by master certified coach Else Kramer. Else works with smart humans and people with ADHD who no longer want to feel frustrated, demotivated, or exhausted. She joins me to share her money journey in her business, and how she learned to manage her money effectively. Learn