Make a Million in Menopause Podcast

Sarah Leather

Welcome to the Make a Million in Menopause Podcast with Sarah Leather. If you’re ready to have outrageous health & wealth by boldly saying yes to you first, stop people-pleasing, and make a much bigger impact in less time, you’re in the right place. You’ll be inspired to grow & scale your beautiful online biz without sacrificing your health & sanity in the process. So that you have finally have the freedom that you started your business for in the first place.

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064 Reinventing your career and business with Martha

Today I speak with my client Martha Clarke about her continual reinvention in her business and life. Martha is an astrologer and astrocartographer. She has used astrology in her own life to find purpose, identify the best places in the world to live, and the best ways to live and

063 When to Close Down a Successful Program

Next in the Reinvention Sessions I talk about the ups and downs of business growth.There will come times when you are running your business when you begin to question a program you are selling.You may question the length of the program, the price or how you are marketing it. This

062 Healthy Menopause & Business with Lisa from Optimum Health

Today I speak with Lisa Gimenez-Codd about all the healthy things in peri-menopause and menopause while growing a healthy business. Specialising in supporting women through perimenopause and beyond feeling strong and confident – especially when it comes to their pelvic floors; Lisa is a personal trainer, Pilates coach, nutritional therapist

061 Reinventing with Group Programs- Interview with Pamela Quiery

It never stops amazing me the path some people take to get to their dream business. In this episode, Parent Coach Pamela Quiery shares her fascinating career path and how she has reinvented herself so many times. Pamela Quiery is a parent coach and mentor based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

060 Writing a Business Book with Dr Ricki Heller

Have you thought about creating a book to promote your business? In this episode, I interview ‘Dr Ricki’ about her midlife reinvention as part of the Reinvention Sessions. Ricki Heller is a writer, book coach and editor. After working for over a decade in the world of holistic nutrition, “Dr

059 Making Important Decisions in Your Business

Do you struggle to make decisions in your business? Procrastination much?Confused about all the things? Successful people make decisions and move on. In this episode, I share how to stop overthinking your decision making and move towards your goals. If you’re ready to make a decision to get the support

058 Brain Fog, Menopause & Business

I’m still buzzing after the Menopause Summit on Saturday- a real live event where I got to connect with so many leaders in the industry. It was organised by Wellness Warrior Catherine O’Keeffe and my notebook is bursting with takeaways. One of the many speakers that stood out for me

057 Slow Down to Speed up for 5k Months

Growing an online business takes time. I took the longest time- many years –  to make $500 a month online and then another year to make 5k a month. In this episode, I talk about how slowing down is actually a good thing and how to stop giving yourself a

056 The Simple Way for 5k Months (not what you think!)

In this episode I share my number one strategy for making money in my business & it’s probably not what you think! I go on a bit of a rant (in a great way) about how to have a profitable business that puts you first. I’m running a free masterclass

055 Your Zone of Magic in Midlife

Are you working in your ‘Zone of Magic?’ Once you’re there, you can make more impact and income. In this episode I share with you how I get out of confusion into my magic zone. The first step is to check is not to work out your life purpose, but