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Susie Pettit

Hi and thanks for joining me! I am a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Life Coach. What does that mean? I help you manage your mind so you live a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. I help overwhelmed, stressed, and busy women live a life they love. Not just while on vacation when all the stars align, but every single day.  I teach how to use emotional intelligence, the 5 pillars of wellness, and mindfulness tools to bring inner calm to our days.  Consider this podcast a place to come to feel supported, loved, understood, and where you can learn specific tools and strategies to live this one, precious life we’re given. We are all on this planet at the same time for a reason and I invite you to join me in this journey. I will be podcasting every week with the intent to remind you that you are part of this supportive community and that you matter. I am grateful you’re listening and am rooting for you each and every day.  Learn more at or Instagram @4smbwellness

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180. Money Drama: An Interview with Molly Claire

So many widows, including myself, struggle with money drama. Whether it’s because you have less money than you’ve ever had and are struggling to make ends meet, or because you have more money now and hate how you came into it, we need to talk about it. Master Certified life

179. Out of Our Heads and Into Our Bodies: An Interview with Victoria Albina

If you find yourself not trusting your own authority or constantly judging your emotional experience, the good news is it’s just science. The remedy? Getting out of your head and into your body’s wisdom.  Functional medicine Nurse Practitioner and Master Certified life coach Victoria Albina is on the show this

178. Widows Like Us: An Interview with Pam Baker

Pam Baker came to coaching worried she no longer had a purpose in life, only to create meaning from her loss by starting a non-profit. We can all give ourselves the gift of going after a vision. You don’t have to be a special snowflake, or even do it the

177. Why You’re Procrastinating in Grief

Do you have a to-do list of grief-related items you’re procrastinating on? Maybe you haven’t ordered that headstone, closed an account belonging to your person, or completed the paperwork for the estate. Tune in this week to discover why you’re procrastinating in grief so that when you’re ready to get it

176. How We Make the Holidays Harder in Grief

Are you starting to dread the holidays, and it’s not even Halloween yet? No matter when you lost your person, this time of year can be especially hard. And if you’re feeling that impending holiday dread, I’ve got just the thing for you on this episode. Listen in to discover

175. What It’s Like to Be in Mom Goes On: Your Questions Answered

Widowhood is so often an extremely isolating experience. We think that we’re the only ones going through something that is actually very normal and common in grief. This week, I invite you to listen to the women inside Mom Goes On talk about their stories, and I hope you see

174. Be Done Apologizing

So many widows have a difficult time loving life after their spouse dies because of all the ways they think they aren’t living up to a completely optional set of standards. But we need to put down the idea that we need to be different. We need to consider that

173. Weight Loss and Grief: An Interview with Dr. Katrina Ubell

So much of what we struggle with in grief can be exactly what holds us back from the things we want to accomplish, including weight loss. This week, I’m sitting down with my dear friend, Master Certified Coach, and weight loss expert, Dr. Katrina Ubell to discuss how learning the

172. Widows Like Us: An Interview with Pam Demke

I can’t believe I’ve created a business where I get to work with and change the lives of people like my Widows Like Us guest today. Pam Demke is an OG Widowed Mom, and she’s sharing her journey of widowhood, the wisdom she would offer her past self or new

Ep #171: How You’re Supposed to Feel

How often are you telling yourself that you shouldn’t feel the way you do? Are you supposed to feel some other way than you do right now? How exactly are you supposed to feel? Let’s talk about it in today’s episode.   Get full show notes and more information here: