Love Your Job Before You Leave It

Kori Linn

Love Your Job Before You Leave It offers practical, empowering life and career coaching to women who are tired of feeling dissatisfied with their jobs. Women have been socially conditioned to people-please and be perfectionists – whether we know it or not – and we often bring that conditioning into our careers. Whether it’s burnout, overwhelm, or imposter syndrome getting you down, this show will teach you how to love what you do whether you stay at your current job or leave to start your dream business. In each episode, Career Coach Kori Linn will help you rewire your brain for more joy and satisfaction, no matter where you work. Be empowered to finally start a side hustle, launch your dream business, or stay where you are, all while loving your work. To learn more visit

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101. Emotional Calluses

Tune in this week to discover everything you need to know about emotional calluses. I’m sharing how to intentionally engage with the things that are causing you uncomfortable emotional blisters right now, so you can heal them into calluses and tolerate those experiences in the future.   Get full show

100. You’re Not Supposed to Feel Motivated All the Time

In this episode, I’m showing you how to reset your relationship with motivation and develop a different understanding of its role in your life. Learn why you don’t need to feel motivated to create a satisfying AF life and career, and why both are available to you with the exact

99. Understanding the Essence of a Thought Pattern

I’m showing you how to dig into your unhelpful thought patterns, extract the essence of them, and then turn them into more useful thought patterns that you can feel good about thinking.   Get full show notes and more information here:

98. Superiority

Sweet, adorable human brains are obsessed with superiority, ranking, and who’s better than who because we’re looking for safety, belonging, and love. This is especially applicable when it comes to your career. If you find yourself thinking somebody else’s work product is better than yours, their presentations are great, or

97. Choose Your Own Adventure

What do you want to use coaching for? Do you want to use thought work to accept the job you have unconditionally? Or are you going to use thought work to practice asking for what you want, even when it feels terrifying AF? The truth is, you can choose your

96. Responsibility Hoarding

You might feel the urge to take responsibility for other people’s emotions, or even their actions. This comes up, especially when we’re not willing to make other people face the consequences of the things they’re responsible for. This is responsibility hoarding. But we can’t control other people, even when we

95. Fear of Being Ridiculed

When we feel ridiculed, even when it’s coming from our own brain, it feels very real, meaning it’s no surprise that risking ridicule from others is incredibly scary. So, if putting yourself out there and doing something different in an effort to live an extraordinary life currently feels dangerous, tune

94. Whole Brain Living

What I’m talking about today is the idea of acceptance and integration of the different parts of your brain. I’m sharing how Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor breaks our brain down into four characters that we all have, and why even though each of these areas of our brain has different

93. Avoidance

As humans, we avoid things. It’s like part of our brain thinks doing the thing is dangerous, even when not doing the thing is more likely to create outcomes that we don’t want. Tune in this week to take a look at the things you’re avoiding, figure out what’s going

92. You’ve Come So Far

Tune in this week to discover how far you’ve come, how to acknowledge and celebrate it, and how to decide what you want to do next (if you want to) from a place of celebration, achievement, appreciation, and satisfaction.     Get full show notes and more information here: