Love Your Job Before You Leave It

Kori Linn

Love Your Job Before You Leave It offers practical, empowering life and career coaching to women who are tired of feeling dissatisfied with their jobs. Women have been socially conditioned to people-please and be perfectionists – whether we know it or not – and we often bring that conditioning into our careers. Whether it’s burnout, overwhelm, or imposter syndrome getting you down, this show will teach you how to love what you do whether you stay at your current job or leave to start your dream business. In each episode, Career Coach Kori Linn will help you rewire your brain for more joy and satisfaction, no matter where you work. Be empowered to finally start a side hustle, launch your dream business, or stay where you are, all while loving your work. To learn more visit

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114. Marvelous Things Happen All the Time

When you shift into the belief that marvelous things happen all the time, your life radically transforms. Not only do you see the miracles all around you, but you become open to amazing things entering your life. And it all starts with one simple change to your thoughts. This week, find out

113. When Feeling Good Feels Bad

So you finally have what you’ve always wanted. The thing you have spent so much time and effort cultivating is finally yours, but it feels so bad. What is going on? Feeling good can also feel bad, but it doesn’t have to. This week, discover why sometimes feeling good also

112. Going Against the Grain

Do you want the discomfort of staying the same? Or are you ready to try something new? Tune in this week to discover how going against the grain will help you create something wildly delicious in your life, whether that’s a more satisfying career, better relationships, or anything else you

111. Connection Before Correction

How do you talk to yourself when you’ve messed up or done something that doesn’t line up with who you want to be as a person? So many of us come at ourselves with guilting, shaming, judging, and negative emotion, which doesn’t serve us. So, tune in this week to

110. High Standards

There’s nothing wrong with having high standards. But the way a lot of people have high standards causes them a lot of pain and suffering and even blocks them from actually achieving those high standards. If your high standards are stopping you from taking action or exhausting you, they’re not

109. Seasons Change

Seasons will change, whether we want them to or not. And we change, whether we mean to or not. However, I believe there is always something we can find to love about whatever season we’re in. If you’ve been pursuing the same goals for years now, now might be a

108. Yeah, Buts

When your brain is like, “Yeah, but this…” this episode is here to help you say, “Yeah, but that… and I’m still worthy.” It’s okay to have high standards, but I’m showing you why this imperfect human experience is going to be filled with “yeah, buts” and how to stop

107. Disappointing Others

As much as we’d like to, we can’t guarantee that other people won’t feel negative emotions. So if there’s something you haven’t been doing in your career, your life, or one of your relationships because you’re afraid of someone else feeling disappointed, tune in this week to find out why

106. Perfecting Vs. Enjoying

Very few things in life even need to be perfect, but there are times in your professional life when you’ll need to perform work to a certain standard. But we also want to have careers that we actually like, so tune in this week to discover how to get your brain

105. High and Low Energy

Whether you want to make space for rest and pleasure, or create more time for work, tune in this week because I’m walking you through my process for prioritization on low-energy days. I’m showing you how to make tough choices around what you’re willing to spend your energy on, what’s