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Clair Mackenzie

If you are a busy professional or entrepreneur who would do anything to lose weight, and yet finds it impossible to stick to a diet, to eat less, or just what you know you should, this podcast is for you. Listen in to learn how to stop overeating, lose weight for the last time and create a relationship with food that you love. All without diet deprivation and self-sabotage. Listen in to discover how to… – take time out for you – without taking anything away from your work or relationships – reduce your hunger for food – become the boss of your food brain so that it is easier to make healthier food choices that take you close to your weight goals – manage your mind so that you do not desire food so much or feel deprived – end emotional eating – put yourself first without taking anyway away from your work or relationships Your host is Clair MacKenzie, a certified life, health, and weight loss coach. Clair uses an array of coaching tools and techniques to help successful women, who are ‘done with dieting’, take control of their eating and create a relationship with food and themselves that they love. Clair lost 6 stone after struggling with her own weight for decades and decided to follow her passion to help women lose weight and transform their lives. Before she was a coach, Clair worked for a global blue-chip organisation in various marketing and consulting roles. Clair has been featured on the BBC, interviewed for various podcasts, and loves speaking about the power of mindset to help women transform their lives. You can find out more about Clair and her coaching programs at https://www.thebestyou.coach.

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#105 – Your One Life

On this podcast episode I talk to you about your one amazing life and ask you to take a moment and check in with yourself, to see if you’re truly making the most of your one life’s preciousness. Also learn a little about the upcoming My One Life Mastermind.  

#104 – Changing Your Tastes

On this podcast episode we explore the thoughts and beliefs that you have about foods that you over desire. I’m talking about those foods that you maybe feel a little out of control around, that you maybe tend to over eat or eat when you recognise there’s at least a

#103 – Q&A with Clair

On this episode you’ll hear the Q&A session that took place as a part of the weight loss mindset coaching experience week. I do a Q&A each month in the Facebook community so if you’ve not joined us there yet, do request to join now by going to www.facebook.com/groups/loseweightlivelife and

#102 – The Mindset Coaching Difference

On this episode we explore mindset coaching and why it’s not only the difference in you creating sustainable weight loss and lifelong weight management, but how working with a coach to help you change your mindset will make the process of permanent change so much quicker.   About Clair: CLAIR

#101 – Your last weight loss journey

On this episode consider the reality of whether your current or next weight loss journey will be the last one. Discover some great tips for how to make that a reality and find out all the details about the Autumn 2022 enrolment in the Lose Weight. Live Life. Academy.  

#100 – Helping yourself when you’re suffering

This podcast is for all of you suffering and unhappy in your life right now. Whether that’s because of poor physical or emotional health, feeling unhappy with your weight, or challenged by a life circumstance you’re dealing with. It’s not always easy to do the things to help ourselves in

#99 – The Urge to Eat

On this episode we explore the reasons why we feel the urge to eat. Many of you think the reason you’ve not lost weight, or that you’ve lost it and regained it, is because you’re not disciplined or strong willed enough, but that’s not the case. The path to losing

#98 – Next level – is it time to level up your weight loss?

Today’s podcast episode is all about taking the next level on your weight loss journey. No matter if you’re yet to get started, in the messy middle or close to achieving your dream relationship with food, it’s always going to be useful to notice where you are and investigate what

#97 – Holiday Eating & Lessons Learned

Join me as I get personal on this episode about how I ate on holiday, how much weight I gained, how I lost it again and what I learned about my relationship with food, myself and my life.   About Clair: CLAIR MACKENZIE IS A LIFE & WEIGHT COACH WHO

#96 – Food Journaling

You figuring out how you want to eat for life is one big experiment and to not write down what you eat is akin to being a scientist in a lab session who takes no notes and observes what they think is happening without writing down any facts or numbers.