Christy Towns

Livelihood: a means of supporting one’s existence; the state of being lively. Most people will stay in soul-sucking careers for the rest of their lives. But not you. You understand what it means to have a well-lived life, and you want a career that doesn’t just pay the bills. It also makes you feel alive. Here on Livelihood, we’ll dive into all the reasons why your dream career deserves to be a reality. Learn practical design methods to start creating, and build the mindset that makes it possible. Welcome to your Livelihood.

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Ep. 20: Being Realistic Is Killing Your Career

Why do we deny ourselves the things we actually want in our careers? Because we don’t think they’re realistic. I’m going to share with you why your career and business depend on you quitting the realist game and embracing your seemingly UNrealistic wants, dreams, and desires. Sign up for a