Christy Towns

Livelihood: a means of supporting one’s existence; the state of being lively. Most people will stay in soul-sucking careers for the rest of their lives. But not you. You understand what it means to have a well-lived life, and you want a career that doesn’t just pay the bills. It also makes you feel alive. Here on Livelihood, we’ll dive into all the reasons why your dream career deserves to be a reality. Learn practical design methods to start creating, and build the mindset that makes it possible. Welcome to your Livelihood.

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Ep. 20: Being Realistic Is Killing Your Career

Why do we deny ourselves the things we actually want in our careers? Because we don’t think they’re realistic. I’m going to share with you why your career and business depend on you quitting the realist game and embracing your seemingly UNrealistic wants, dreams, and desires. Sign up for a

Ep. 19: Resumes Are Wasting Your Time

Resumes, job hunts, cover letters, and even your current job are all distraction actions that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from going all-in on your dream career or business. Listen to this week’s episode and learn why resumes and cover letters aren’t the solutions to your career problems.

Ep. 17: Why Not Asking For Help is Stalling Your Career or Business

Why is it that we love helping people when they’re down, stuck, or lost? But when we’re the ones that need help–we don’t ask for it. This week, we talk about why asking for help is imperative to having a successful career and business. Visit to sign up for

Ep. 16: How Doubting and Questioning Will Improve Your Career

What if doubting your career was actually good for your career? And what if not questioning your career choices was working against you? In this episode, we talk about how even I, a Career Coach, doubt and question my career path and how I use it to propel my career

Why Society’s Definition of Success is Affecting Your Career

Search the word “success” in Google and take a look at what images come up. People climbing mountains, money raining on men in business suits, upward trajectory, and a whole lotta wealthy old white men.  Clearly, there is a collective vision of what success looks like. That definition seeps into

86. Addiction & How to Rise Above It

Mandy Alexis was a functioning cocaine addict for 16 years, and now 3 years clean. Her relationship with drugs started way before that though. At 12 she tried weed for the first time, by 14-15 she was experimenting with mushrooms and acid and by 16 ecstasy was added to the

Is Resentment Controlling Your Career?

The only control we have is in the choices we make. And everything we do is a choice. We don’t have to go to work. We don’t have to do our jobs. Quitting and never working again is always an option. We choose to work because of what it provides.

Negativity Bias At Work

Viewing your career through rose-colored lenses isn’t something that comes naturally to us. It takes work. Most of the time, we view our careers, work, and jobs through some pretty smudgy lenses that obscure the reality that’s right in front of us. And it’s ruining our lives and crushing our


Does accepting your career trigger some resistance? What would it mean if you accepted where you are, who you are, and what you want?  In this episode, we’ll explore the myths around acceptance and what it actually means to accept yourself and your career. Learn how true acceptance is the