Limitless Female

EmyLee McIntyre

Hi! I’m EmyLee McIntyre… LDS life coach and mom to 4 beautiful kids. In this podcast I will share the tools to mastering your mood and creating an incredible life you love. Depression, hormones and even anxiety don’t have to slow you down or stop you from loving motherhood. Stay tuned as I share the secret to confidence, self fulfillment and successful relationships. And guess what, your mood is at the center of it all. Hang on… it’s about to get fun up in here!

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My Experience With Depression is Not Taboo

The more we talk about things we used to feel were "taboo" the more normal we become. Recently on a girls night out all we talked about was our experience with Sex. It turns out we all have such different drives, desires, intimacy goals, and challenges….But also, we were very

Bonus Episode : Why Consumption is the Killer of Fulfillment

My strange new addiction has me consuming at an alarming rate… and pausing to create feels, well, uncomfortable at best and impossible at worst!This is why I'm so excited for my upcoming DREAM CLARITY coaching intensive, and I want you there!!!!Pausing to create is really challenging when your quiet time

What To Do When Someone You Love Has Left The Church

Today I am teaching how to set boundaries without condoning and when to use them. I am also teaching how to create an unshakable testimony that allows you to live the higher law of love no matter what part of their faith journey the other person is in. You will

You Might Be a People Pleaser If……..

I'm telling you 4 things you might do if you are a people pleaser. You might be surprised to learn that YOU are a people pleaser. But let me remind you, that this is not a kindness we do for others. It feels that way in the moment. However, people

Ask EmyLee Anything

Today is all about you Momma! Ive asked you to send me questions you want coaching on, and I'm answering them today. We are celebrating episode #100 by giving you more help to  master your mood beyond medication. Some of the topics today include:  Setting boundaries for inlays visiting after

Questioning Your IF/THEN Statements

We live by a set of rules. A belief in cause and effect. If we do this, then this will happen. However, how many of those beliefs have you questioned. Are you sure they still hold true for you? Or are you living from a causal statements that no longer

Changing Your Identity in 5 Easy Steps w/ guest TYSON BRADLEY

What you want is who you are…. Let that sink in for a minute. Desires are a roadmap to uncovering who we always were. What if instead of using the past to figure out who we are… we relied on what we want to tell us that, And the past

Setting Your Kids Up for a Happy Future

Much of the way we present the future to our kids is based on their past. And of course they don't have much of a past to draw on.We show them what they can do in the future through too many filters. What have you done?What did you like?And then,