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Boundaries With Compassion

Sometimes it feels like we have two choices with our kids- either we have to be mean to get them to cooperate, or we have to be a push-over just to keep the peace. The truth, of course, is that these are not the only two options. Today we’ll be

Leading With Validation

We all, as human beings with complex emotions, have a basic need to feel validated. But what about when your teenager comes to you with an attitude or idea that you don’t agree with? We know we as parents probably shouldn’t say yes and jump right in every time. When

Parenting Burnout

Do you ever find yourself feeling completely exhausted physically and emotionally? What about feeling the need to escape your emotions by eating a lot or constantly being on social media? There’s a good chance you could be experiencing “parenting burnout.” The good news is- there are things you can do

Lower Lights

Today, I want to share a short, uplifting message with you. In this episode of Music & the Spoken Word, “Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy”, we learn about the importance of the “lower lights” along the shore next to a lighthouse. Without them, even experienced sailors can become disoriented or

Tools For Calming Your Brain

First of all, if you want to be best prepared for this episode, go ahead and listen to these past episodes- Brain Science for Dummies and Nothing Has Gone Wrong. But don’t worry if you don’t do that, I’ll do a little review, and this episode will still stand on

Nothing Has Gone Wrong

You may have heard me talk about our survival brain versus our higher brain before. When we’re facing a new or emotionally charged situation, our survival brain is always first to respond, saying something along the lines of “DANGER: Something is not right here!” Often this sends us into fight,

Stressed Out Teenagers

So, I’ve dealt with one or two (or a lot more) stressed-out teens in my lifetime. Each one responds differently, but there are three basic responses that we see in people. Fight- they get mean! Flight- they stay as busy as they can to distract themselves. Freeze- this looks like laziness. Now

Walking On Eggshells

We all know at least one of them- the person that seems to be a ticking time bomb. Maybe it’s a teenager, a spouse, or a sister-in-law. Anything you do or say could be the trigger that sets them off. Isn’t it exhausting feeling like you have to tiptoe around

Praying For Loved Ones

How would you define prayer? I personally like to think of prayer as connecting with God. There have been so many instances in my life where I have prayed and prayed and prayed for something that I thought I needed, and that were certainly what we would call “righteous desires.”

What It’s Costing You

Chances are you’ve probably learned about opportunity cost at some point in your schooling. It’s a technical term for what you’re giving up by choosing one thing over another. Today on the podcast we’re talking about what some things you’re focused on are costing you in your relationships. And are