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Parenting ADHD Warriors

Angell is a wife, a mom of six, and is raising an ADHD warrior. She has a Bachelor’s degree from BYU in Home and Family Living, is a certified Life Coach, and is a certified ADHD Parent Coach. She loves helping moms of ADHD warriors find peace in their home

The Recipe for Success

Everyone these days is selling the “three easy steps” to something. For a long time I believed that there was a formula that I could follow that would guarantee “success” in parenting. I followed the formula pretty closely, but I didn’t end up with the result I thought I would


As humans, we mirror each other. We copy each others speech patterns, body languages, and even each others emotions. There are some really great and useful things about this tendency! But there are times when mirroring other peoples’ emotions is not helpful at all.  Today we’ll become more aware of

Playing Small Doesn’t Serve the World

I’m delighted to have my friend Wendy Jones as my guest today. She is a great example to me of the power that comes to us as we learn to recognize Satan’s lies, and stop beleiving them. She talks about how much better everything is when we take the Savior

Avoiding Power Struggles

Today’s epidsode was created for all parents, but  especially for those of you who have stubborn teenagers. I mean… most teenagers challenge us to some degree by aserting their independence. But there are those who take “independence” to a whole new level.  You know if I’m talking to you! Quote

Better Than You Think

You are doing better than you think you are. I promise this is true! Not only is it true, but it’s actually in your best interest to recoginze it and believe it. Elder Jeffrey R Holland said “To all mothers in every circumstance, including those who struggle- and all will-


God often speaks to us with nudges.  He doesn’t often lay out the whole path before us, but rather nudges us gently in the direction He wants us to go. It is in learning to recognize and act on these nudges that we discover who we are and what our

Faith Over Fear with Laura Gregory

You’re going to love Laura Gregory. She has been given some really difficult things in her life, and has learned to handle them with grace. She is an example of faith, hope, and unconditional love. Laura is a happily married mother of seven amazing kids, and embraces all the struggles

Faith Over Fear with Richard Ostler

Richard Ostler, a former YSA bishop, speaks in church settings about how to fully embrace LGBTQ Latter-day Saints, see their gifts and contributions, and better understand their unique road. He is supportive of the church, leaaders and doctrine- and also how to better support LGBTQ Latter-day Saints. He is the

Faith Over Fear with Emily Jones

I am so excited to introduce you to Emily Jones. She has a really great perspective on teenagers and their use of technology, and she’s going to teach us how she teaches kids to make good decisions when it comes to smartphone use. Emily is a writer, author, speaker and