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Debbie Shadid

Welcome to the Life Coach Business Building Podcast. Join Business Growth & Life Coach Debbie Shadid as she teaches you simple (organic) strategies to gain more paid clients in your life coaching business. Debbie’s coaching style is unique. She focuses on the specific actions you need to take to market your coaching business to your ideal client. Debbie teaches life coaches how to design, price, and sell their coaching offers. She helps you craft an impactful marketing message. Building your coaching business is easier than you think when you know what to do. So, if you’re ready to be a well-respected life coach with paid clients, this podcast is for you! Debbie will inspire you to take simple, consistent action to grow your coaching business.

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Ep 147 – Marketing for Life Coaches Part 5: Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct line to the inboxes of your target audience. It's a great way to make a personal connection, and if done right, it can be a very profitable way to market your business and nurture your subscribers. In today's episode of the Life Coach Business Building

Ep 146 – Sharing Details About My Opt-In and Email List Growth

Are you struggling to grow your email list and generate revenue for your business because you don't have the budget for expensive ads? Well, what if I told you that you can achieve the same results without spending a single penny on ads? I know it's possible because I did

Ep 145 – Marketing for Life Coaches Part 4: Grow Your Email List

Are you ready to grow your email list? Yes! Marketing is the ATM to your business, and when you have an email list, you can interact with potential customers who want to spend money on your services. In today's episode of the Life Coach Business Building podcast, I'm diving into

Ep 144 -Marketing for Life Coaches Part 3: Talking to People

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of having to confidently share your message to people?  In today's episode of the Life Coach Business Building podcast, I will be talking about the importance of talking to people and telling them about your coaching business. In the first two parts of

Ep 141 – Marketing for Life Coaches, Part 1: Understanding Your Niche

Many of the coaches I speak with have the same question – do you really need a niche for your business?  In today’s episode of the Life Coach Business Building Podcast, I’m addressing the niche doubts you might have and answering many of the most frequently asked questions.  This episode

Episode 140 – Summit Wrap-Up Part 2 – What it Took to Put on a Summit

As a business growth coach for coaches, I’m always looking for ways to help my clients expand their business.  That’s what the Design, Live, Thrive Summit was all about.  The results for my clients were fantastic and the attendees have given incredible feedback on how impactful the speakers were. In

Ep 139 – Summit Wrap-Up Part 1 – Let’s Hear it From the Speakers

As coaches, our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact. The Design, Live, Thrive Summit 2 day workshop series was our opportunity for women to learn about how impactful coaching can be. Coaching is transformative! In today’s episode of the Life Coach Business Building Podcast, I will be joined