Less Stress, More Fun

Lisa Schwaller

Less Stress, More Fun is the podcast for high achievers who wonder “Is this all there is?” Join your host, Lisa Schwaller, to playfully explore how you can rise above the stresses of modern life and focus your energy on what matters most. Get a free “3 Ways to Reduce Stress TODAY!” mini-class plus other fun stuff when you visit https://linktr.ee/lisaschwaller

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75. Inviting Serendipity

Serendipity. It’s more than a delightful word to say on repeat. Serendipity, serendipity, serendipity. It’s a fun way to think about your life. In this episode, I’ll share: My 2023 goal of “conversationally activated serendipity” What I learned about the science of serendipity How a serendipity mindset can reduce stress

74. What's Blooming?

Springtime in North America is around the corner. Flowers bloom and the trees get their beautiful fresh spring green leaves. What’s blooming in your life? Today we use a fun gardening metaphor to look at what you are planting and harvesting. Thanks for listening! Free & awesome mini-class! "3 Ways

73. Is Your Life Rent…or Own?

Is your life available for purchase or rent? Today I talk about a fun metaphor to use when considering different relationships in your life, especially as it relates to career and family. In this episode you’ll learn: The differences between an “owner” mindset and a “renter” mindset from the perspective

72. Acts of Kindness: The Word “No”

We are social animals. And, as social creatures, there is value in being cooperative. But things are different in the year 2023 than they were in the year 1023. We’re not cooperating for survival. There’s literally more you can say “yes” to than you have hours in a day to

71. Your Brilliant, Beautiful Body!

Do you consider your body brilliant? Do you consider your body beautiful? Why or why not? Today the body is getting some TLC from the Less Stress, More Fun podcast.  Resources mentioned: “The Brain-Gut Connection” (John Hopkins Medicine) “The Gut-Brain Connection” (Harvard Health Publishing) “Gut-Brain Connection” (Cleveland Clinic) “You are

70. Expressing & Receiving Love (5 Love Languages)

How do you like to give and receive love? Each February, reminders of romantic love are everywhere with the pink and red hearts in all the shops. It seemed as playful a time of year as any to talk about the 5 Love Languages framework. In this episode you’ll learn:

69. What You Can Count On (A Pep Talk)

What can you count on in this life? We want change! Success! Love! We want things to change but – to be honest – only in our favor. As people are navigating their commitment to their new year’s goals and dreams…I wanted to deliver a pep talk.  In this episode

68. A Road Trip to Denver

What happens when you arrive at a planned destination and it’s not what you expect? Today we’ll be talking about the power of being clear on your decisions when it comes to goal setting through the metaphor of a road trip.  In this episode you’ll learn: The pros and cons

67. Teach People How To Treat You

How do people treat you? Notice what you may have done to communicate how you prefer to be treated.  In this episode you’ll learn: How your brain develops habits to conserve energy How you develop habits in relationships to get what you want The power of deciding that you have

66. Never Back

As a character in one of my favorite TV shows says, “Always forward. Never back.” In this episode, we’ll discuss how to take control of your past by deciding how to – or even if – to use it.  In this episode you’ll learn: What the past is not good