Joyful Love

Rachael Cunningham

Do you love your partner and want to stay married, but you know it could be better? Do you find yourself feeling annoyed and irritated? Is your communication and intimacy dwindling? Are you just too tired and exhausted to work on your relationship anymore? If so, you need an easier way to stop the frustration and exhaustion. It’s possible to create more joy and connection in your marriage again, but it starts with you. It starts with you seeing your own worth and value. When you learn to give yourself what you truly need, giving love to others becomes easier. In Joyful Love, Rachael gives you the tools to simplify love. She’ll help you drop criticism, stop people-pleasing, create true connection, and bring back fun and passion to your marriage again. Visit to learn more.

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Ep 64: Feeling Apathetic In Your Relationship

Are you feeling numb about your relationship? Maybe you’re apathetic about creating a connection with your partner… maybe you’d rather be alone than have a date night.  Most long-term couples feel a little apathy during different phases of their relationship.Sometimes our brain just wants to take a break because we’ve

Ep 62: Resolving Conflict in Neurodivergent Relationships

When one or more partners in a relationship are neurodivergent, it can add unique challenges to a marriage. Neurodiversity refers to a variation in how one’s neurology (their brain and nervous system) operate. It includes autism, ADHD, OCD, sensory processing difficulties, and other brain variations.  This means your brain (or

Ep: 61 The Benefit of Hiring A 1:1 Coach

We live in an information age. There are tons of books, classes, and programs that guide us with great advice – advice we try hard to listen to. But when your brain avoids the discomfort of change or is met with confusion, you don’t implement the great advice you’ve learned. 

Ep 60: Asking The Right Questions For Relationship Growth

On this episode of Joyful Love, I talk about asking the right questions to get better results in your life and relationships. Our brains want to focus on the negative, so it’s natural to think there are problems where there are not.  When we focus on the wrong issue, it

Ep 59: Raising Your Self-Concept

If your personal self-concept is low it’s going to show up in every area of life.   Low self-concept can make you feel shame if others compliment you or do something nice for you. It can hold you back from genuine connection in your relationships. And it will prevent you from

Ep 58: When You’re Married To An Alcoholic, With Deanna Marie

When you’re married to an alcoholic or an addict, it adds a whole new dynamic to your relationship. It brings up frustration, exhaustion, and loneliness, as you try to figure out the next best steps.Should you stay? Or should you go? Sometimes the answer isn’t as black and white as

Ep 57: Stop Waiting For Confidence, Create it Now

If you don’t have confidence, there’s no doubt that you’re holding yourself back from having the life and marriage you want. We often think confidence will come easy once we achieve our goals. We thing that when we’re more fit (or skinny, or curvy, or strong), then we’ll feel more

Ep 55: How To Listen To Your Body And Increase Energy

If you’re a woman, you’ve been socialized to believe that the main reason for getting healthy is to look good in a bikini. You’ve also been told the lie that you have to be super thin to be healthy.  This puts an enormous amount of pressure on us.    Our