Joyful Love

Rachael Cunningham

Do you love your partner and want to stay married, but you know it could be better? Do you find yourself feeling annoyed and irritated? Is your communication and intimacy dwindling? Are you just too tired and exhausted to work on your relationship anymore? If so, you need an easier way to stop the frustration and exhaustion. It’s possible to create more joy and connection in your marriage again, but it starts with you. It starts with you seeing your own worth and value. When you learn to give yourself what you truly need, giving love to others becomes easier. In Joyful Love, Rachael gives you the tools to simplify love. She’ll help you drop criticism, stop people-pleasing, create true connection, and bring back fun and passion to your marriage again. Visit to learn more.

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Ep 78: The Power Of Planning

You can have goals in life – from simple things you’d like to accomplish around the house to big bodacious dreams!  But if you don’t plan the path to your goals, they’ll take longer than they need to or they’ll never get out of your head and become a reality.

Ep 77: Heal Your Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law

Today, we’ll be talking about the ultimate boss battle: your relationship with your mom and/or your mother-in-law! It’s a topic that makes many people shiver! Managing our relationships with our mothers can be challenging, and if there’s tension between you and your mother-in-law, it can create rifts in your relationships

Ep: 76: How To Stop Quitting On Your Goals

We’ve all done it. Made a New Year’s Resolution or set a goal and determined once and for all that you are going to achieve it!  You were motivated – for a week. And then, you went right back to your old habits.  So what gives? Why do you want

Ep 75: How To Connect When Your Partner Isn’t Trying

Are you showing up, trying to be the best partner possible, and yet your spouse isn’t meeting you in the middle?  You probably feel like you’re carrying all the weight in the relationship and wondering if they even want this marriage to work.  Do you finally just throw in the

Ep 74: Don’t Rush Your Relationship Goals

Do you feel pressure to meet your relationship goals fast? You want better communication, more intimacy, and you want to feel like a team.  And you want it yesterday already!  I get it. Once we know what we want and decide to go after it, we want to hurry up

Ep 73: The Problem With The Five Love Languages

Have you ever tried using the Five Love Languages to help your relationship and ended up disappointed, confused, and thinking you and your partner are just not compatible? Yup – welcome to the club. You’re not alone. It’s a beautiful idea that the more we understand our own love language

Ep 72: Two Must-Have Goals That Will Create Freedom In Your Soul

It’s a brand new year! It’s the time for intentions, self-reflection, and goal setting. And I’m here for it!  But sometimes we can try to cram in so many goals around health, wealth, family life, and work that we forget that our soul has desires too.  Our soul desires to

Ep 71: Respect Your Nervous System During Difficult Conversations

In today’s episode, I share with you why you should embrace your Nervous System as your wise BFF! We’ve all been in difficult conversations where our body starts to react. We want to run, hide, scream, fight, or even freeze.  ​ Or maybe it’s your partner that has a fight-or-flight

Ep 70: Being Open To Influence From Your Partner

In today’s episode of the Joyful Love Podcast, you’ll hear Day 3 of The Connected Communication challenge. These skills will help you build connection and friendship with your life-long partner! You’ll learn: 1. Why you shouldn’t be a mind-reader. 2. How to be open to your partner’s influence – even

Ep: 69 Get Curious and Assume The Best To Create Deep Connection

In today’s episode, I share Day 2 of The Connected Communication Challenge. You’ll learn how assuming the best of your partner and a curious mind make your discussions easier. ​ And as a BONUS, you’ll learn why the brain wants to hold you back from growth and change and what