Jewish and Spritual

Caro Szabo

Ciao ciao and Shalom! I’m Caro Szabo, and my purpose as a modern Jewish woman and passionate Certified Transformational LifeCoach is to help you step into your power, so you can start manifesting the beautiful Jewish life you have ever wanted! Hit follow and listen each week, as I share with you my personal stories and the secrets to keeping your vibrations high and attracting all the things that you want into your life! The Manifesting Formula I teach is pure magic! There won’t be a problem you won’t know how to solve, nor anything you won’t be able to attract and create! Connect to your intuition, connect to your soul, connect to LOVE, and let’s get started on this very exciting Jewish & Spiritual journey to your amazing life!

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How to make your dreams your reality ALL WHILE YOU SLEEP!

What do you generally do right before you fall asleep? In this episode, I give you a wonderful recipe to make your night time work in your favor and towards making your dreams your reality! ALL WHILE YOU SLEEP!!! So hurry to listen in and in less than 20 minutes

How To Access Your Soul Energy And Become LOVE

The more you access your soul energy, the more you are connected to LOVE and the more you are connected to LOVE, the more you just become LOVE… Listen-in as through personal stories and truth, I guide you to access this magical LOVE soul zone within yourself! Dear friends, if

How To Believe Something You Don't Yet Believe – Part 2

Do you allow yourself to dream? Do you deliberately think about what you want to create? I hear so many of you being so busy putting out fires in your lives and reacting to everything that’s going on, that you forget to even dream about…your dreams! Keep listening my friends

How To Believe Something You Don't Yet Believe – Part 1

Welcome to episode #88! In this week's episode, you are going to learn how to turn your thoughts around from what you don't want to the reality that you do! I promise you 20 min of pure love ❤️ and the recipe to manifest and attract everything you have ever

Deliberate Creation – What Does It Mean? And How To Do It?

Deliberate Creation is the knowledge that you create your own reality from your thoughts! By choosing to think thoughts purposefully and feeling the vibrations! If you would like to master the art of Deliberate Creation and hear from my personal stories, listen to this episode and feel 20 min of

The Law of Creation – You Attract What You Focus On

You attract what you focus on…. In this week’s episode we dive into the second law of the Universe, The Law of Creation and explore how to attract what you are wanting in your life. The more you understand exactly how the Universal laws work, the quicker you will be

What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Does It Work?

The Law of Attraction allows for infinite possibilities, infinite abundance, and infinite joy. It knows no order of difficulty, and it can change your life! The law states that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to is what will

Turn Yourself ON!

Our energy is our attractor, our super power! And each of us have control over the energy we create. I'm Caro your host from Los Angeles! In this episode I share personal stories with you to let you in on how I…turn…myself…ON! It’s a powerful energy! It’s a vibe! It’s


In this episode, I let you in on what SEX means to me, and on how SPIRITUALITY can take your sex life and your orgasms to a whole new level! I'm Caro, the French, Italian, American, Tunisian Jewish Sephardi girl living in Los Angeles, and I welcome you to Episode