IVF This

Emily Ginn

The IVF This Podcast offers practical and empowering strategies for individuals on a journey of infertility and fertility treatments who believe in the possibility of loving life despite the journey they are on. If you want more than traditional therapy, support groups can offer, if you’re stuck in an emotional pattern and feel like you can’t get free, if you want help navigating the unique challenges of infertility and fertility treatments, with support that is uplifting and honest, this is the podcast for you.

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Ep: 61 The Benefit of Hiring A 1:1 Coach

We live in an information age. There are tons of books, classes, and programs that guide us with great advice – advice we try hard to listen to. But when your brain avoids the discomfort of change or is met with confusion, you don’t implement the great advice you’ve learned. 

Ep 60: Asking The Right Questions For Relationship Growth

On this episode of Joyful Love, I talk about asking the right questions to get better results in your life and relationships. Our brains want to focus on the negative, so it’s natural to think there are problems where there are not.  When we focus on the wrong issue, it

Ep 59: Raising Your Self-Concept

If your personal self-concept is low it’s going to show up in every area of life.   Low self-concept can make you feel shame if others compliment you or do something nice for you. It can hold you back from genuine connection in your relationships. And it will prevent you from

Ep 58: When You’re Married To An Alcoholic, With Deanna Marie

When you’re married to an alcoholic or an addict, it adds a whole new dynamic to your relationship. It brings up frustration, exhaustion, and loneliness, as you try to figure out the next best steps.Should you stay? Or should you go? Sometimes the answer isn’t as black and white as

Ep 57: Stop Waiting For Confidence, Create it Now

If you don’t have confidence, there’s no doubt that you’re holding yourself back from having the life and marriage you want. We often think confidence will come easy once we achieve our goals. We thing that when we’re more fit (or skinny, or curvy, or strong), then we’ll feel more

Ep 55: How To Listen To Your Body And Increase Energy

If you’re a woman, you’ve been socialized to believe that the main reason for getting healthy is to look good in a bikini. You’ve also been told the lie that you have to be super thin to be healthy.  This puts an enormous amount of pressure on us.    Our

Ep 54: When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

Most of us have a seriously hard time loving and valuing ourselves if we don’t feel productive. We tie our worth and lovability to how much we accomplish in a day, a week, a year.  So in this episode, I invite you into my inner world this week while I’m

Ep 53: Expansive Growth For Year 2 Of Joyful Love

As I move into year two of the Joyful Love Podcast, I’ll dive even deeper into some of the concepts I’ve just scratched the surface on so far. The truth is that our health, energy, and our ability to slow down affects everything we do in life. They affect our

Ep 52: Change Your Sex Story With Julie Merrill

On this episode of Joyful Love, I introduce you to my friend and colleague Julie Merrill. Julie is a Midlife Sexual Wellness Coach who brings all the juiciness to this episode!Julie’s own story takes her from being misdiagnosed as asexual to discovering sexual pleasure for herself. We discuss how our