It’s Your Time

Michelle A Bourque

This is the podcast for women in pharmaceutical and medical device industry who want to excel in your career but without the stress and overwhelm so you can do more of what you want.. In each episode, veteran medical device sales professional, Certified Life Coach, and career mentor Michelle A. Bourque combines real-life experiences and cognitive tools to teach you how to continue to excel at your career, but without the stress and overwhelm, so you can do more of what you want. It’s your time to begin making a change, to create the life you imagine – and your time is now to own your life. for more info.

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Ep 222 Burnout & Self Care

Episode Notes: Join me today as I discuss burnout and self care for high achieving women in sales.  Listen in as I talk about a recent work meeting, some questions you can ask yourself along the way and how to find new ways to take care of yourself in the

Insidious Competition in Sales

Join me today as I discuss the competitive nature of sales.  This is not your normal competition from within the market – today I’m talking about behind the scenes when the competition is within your company.  Listen today as I talk about some ideas that might help you the next

Ep 220 Top 3 Keys to Sticking with 2023 Goals

Join me today as I share 3 keys to sticking with your goals.  January 13th is “Quitters Day” signifying when most folks stop working towards their New Years Resolutions.  It makes sense – in a society of “go big or go home” and perfectionistic thinking, but today I am sharing

Ep 218 Assessing 2022 & Future You 2023

Please join me for our final episode of the year.  Today I am discussing the importance of assessing 2022 before you head into 2023, the stories you will shed, and who you want to become. In This Episode: Assessing last year and deciding the story you want to tell about

Ep 217 Using LinkedIn for Medical Device Rep Personal Branding

Episode Notes: Join me as I share some easy and important ideas around using LinkedIn to elevate your brand, increase your business and expand your network.  In today’s episode I’m sharing a portion of a recent presentation I did for our Northeast Region.  We discussed why using LinkedIn is important

Ep 216 Handling Stress during the Holidays

This time of year can be especially stressful as more is being asked of you.  Join me today as I share some stories of chaos at work, challenges with loved ones and how you can incorporate these tools to feel better as you close out the year and look towards

Ep 214 Top Skill in Medical Device Sales

Join me today as I share one of the top skills necessary for medical device skills.  Change happens all around you on a daily basis and if you want to be in this for the long game you must be willing to change.  Being able to embrace change allows you

Ep 213 Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends.  This is a short episode talking a bit about gratitude, being ok with not being ok, and what I missed for years in my gratitude practice. Have a happy and safe holiday.   Thank you for being here – I am truly grateful to