It’s Your Time

Michelle A Bourque

This is the podcast for women in pharmaceutical and medical device industry who want to excel in your career but without the stress and overwhelm so you can do more of what you want.. In each episode, veteran medical device sales professional, Certified Life Coach, and career mentor Michelle A. Bourque combines real-life experiences and cognitive tools to teach you how to continue to excel at your career, but without the stress and overwhelm, so you can do more of what you want. It’s your time to begin making a change, to create the life you imagine – and your time is now to own your life. for more info.

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Ep 205 Prioritizing & Planning Next Quarter

Episode Notes: Today I have a special treat for you as we begin the last quarter of the year and start building momentum for next year.  In this episode I am sharing an easy to use process for you to review last quarter, prioritize this quarter and utilize an efficient

Ep 204 Pain & Suffering

Join me today as I discuss the the difference between pain and suffering.  It is important topic and one that must be include differentiating between the two.  When you know the difference between pain and suffering you can begin to take back your power and make the changes you most

Ep 203 The #1 Tool for Motivation

Today I am talking about the #1 tool for motivation – it may not be what you think.  So many folks believe they need to be motivated in order to accomplish the next goal – but what if that is not true? Listen today as I share why that might

Ep 201 The #1 Thing to Overcome Stress at Work

Join me today as I share the #1 thing you need to know in order to overcome stress at work.  If you think it’s the job, the boss, or the coworkers – you need to listen now.  So many women feel stressed and overwhelmed from work demands and today I

Ep 200

Today we are celebrating episode 200!  Thank you being here, for listening and for taking the time to invest in yourself over the last 200 weeks.  I am taking today as an opportunity to look back at where we started, discuss some of the top downloaded episodes and share my

Ep 199 Sales is Not A Bad Word

Episode Notes: I see many women holding themselves back from a sales career because of the stories they have around selling.  In today’s episode I am discussing my previous thoughts on selling, your stories around it, what others in your life think – and which story determines your level of

198. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

I recently had the privilege of being asked to speak at our local Women’s Professional Network in the topic of Imposter Syndrome.  My first thought was – how fun – and immediately to follow was – why would she ask me? It was a perfectly timed question from my brain.

Self Identity and Goals

Episode Notes:   Join me today as I share a recent story about one of my doctors, self identity and goal setting.  In this episode you will learn why understanding your current story around self identity is important, what changes you will want to make in order to become your

ep 196 The #1 Secret To Planning

Episode Notes: Listen today as I discuss the #1 secret to planning.  If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed for work you will want to check this episode out.  Learn how planning can be the the super power you need next in changing your life – both from a professional