Intentional Living with Tanya Hale

Tanya Hale: Certified Life Coach

Join certified LDS mid-life coach Tanya Hale on a journey of discovering how to navigate middle-age with more meaning, acceptance, contentment, and happiness.

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#226 The Best Is Yet To Come

It can be so easy to get stuck in resistance to middle-age.  This can often show up with patterns of behavior that damage our relationships and keep us stuck.  And yet, learning to lean into all of these mid-life changes, to accept them and, yes, even embrace them, is the

#225 Shame, Blame, and Disempowerment

When we feel disempowered, we often don’t recognize it as a result of our own thought processes.  And yet, when we allow ourselves to settle into shame or blame, we are creating just the right environment to feel disempowered.  Feeling in control of our lives requires that we counter our

#224 Compassion and Curiosity

Learning to replace shame and judgment with compassion and curiosity in our relationships with ourselves and with others will create a huge shift in the quality and intimacy of those relationships.  Whereas shame and judgment will shut us down and stop our progression, compassion and curiosity will create a safe

#223 It Really Is All About You

Contrary to what your mother told you, life really is all about you!  This episode has nothing to do with ignoring others pain or being selfish, but rather intentionally choosing to take on the responsibility for being the person you really want to be.  About showing up as the best

#222 When You Are Considering Divorce

The time in our life when we put divorce on the table is tough.  There are so many things to consider, tons of pressure, the grief of unfulfilled dreams, and the pain of perceived failure.  We really want to make sure that we make the best decision for us, that

#221 How To Handle Your Friend’s Divorce

Divorce is often one of the biggest challenges in a person’s life.  And it impacts a lot of people, not just those in the immediate family.  So often friends and family struggle with knowing how to handle the divorce of people they love.  What should they say?  What should they

#220 Being Low Maintenance

I love low maintenance things, and I put a lot of value on being low maintenance in my marriage.  But with the tools I now have, I can see that in my previous marriage the things I considered would me a low maintenance spouse, were actually very damaging and hurtful,

#219 The Truth About the Struggle

I used to think that if I was doing life ‘right’, that I would be happy all of the time, that I wouldn’t need to have challenges or trials.  I was so cute and misguided back then!  Now my understanding of the struggle has deepened and grown so that now

#218 Honest Relationships

Most people I know would put honesty at the top of their values list.  But there is one place that many of us consistently lie – and that is in our relationships.  Not so much about things happening or what we’re doing, but in not showing up as the real

#217 Self-Respect and Being Wrong

Just what is the connection between self-respect and being wrong?  I’ll give you a hint – it has to do with self-awareness and self-honesty.  When we are truly able to acknowledge when and where we are wrong, we provide opportunities for growth, and this creates greater self-respect.  Being wrong is