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Annika Edwards

Hi! My name is Annika and this podcast is about me sharing my mom and life coach with you! Follow along for a new best friend that’s always got your back.

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Romanticizing the Past

Why do our brains sometimes romanticize the past? It’s just another way it’s trying to keep us safe. In this episode, Karen and Annika talk about ways to stay balanced with past memories and how to use them to build your future.

Clean Pain

In this episode we talk about the difference between clean and dirty pain. Pain is part of life, but you still have agency over what you do with it.


In this episode, we are talking about being triggered. Feeling triggered is a very normal response to things happening in our lives, and sometimes it even serves us. Listen in to learn how to understand and handle your triggers. 

Be A Safe Place For Yourself

We are all seeking safety. It’s a human need. Unfortunately, our survival brain can sabotage us with thoughts that safety comes from the love and attention of others, our accomplishments, our appearance, etc… none of which we can always depend on. Listen in as we talk about specific ways we


Maybe constantly keeping ourselves busy isn’t something that’s serving us. Learn why constantly being busy and striving to be a “multi-tasker” might be doing more bad than good and why we tend to use it as an escape from our feelings. Sometimes being restless and trying to do and experience

Fight the FOMO

Episode 35 is all about FOMO! We discuss why we feel it, what we do to avoid feeling it, and what it ultimately creates. You can create the life you really want, not the life others say you should have.

Why We Love To Hate

Why do we love to hate? Hate is one of the most intense emotions we can feel, but it’s a problem for us because it’s our survival brain’s answer to fear. Hate and disdain may feel good in the moment, but it only provides temporary safety, will not empower us,

063: Living with Type 1 Diabetes with Colleen Mitchell

If you are a type 1 diabetic struggling to live the life you know you deserve, then this episode is for you! Colleen Mitchel, a life coach for women with type 1 diabetes and podcast host of This is Type 1, joins me this week. We have an empowering discussion

062: Pushing Out Of Your Comfort Zone

One of the reasons why weight loss can be so darn hard sometimes is that we like to stay in our comfort zone. We get used to a certain way of eating, and even though it may be harming us physically or emotionally, it’s what we know best, and so

Nice vs. Kind

Karen explains the difference between being nice and being kind. When we are kind to ourselves it shows up in our interactions with others and we are kind without people pleasing.