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Annika Edwards

Hi! My name is Annika and this podcast is about me sharing my mom and life coach with you! Follow along for a new best friend that’s always got your back.

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Why We Love To Hate

Why do we love to hate? Hate is one of the most intense emotions we can feel, but it’s a problem for us because it’s our survival brain’s answer to fear. Hate and disdain may feel good in the moment, but it only provides temporary safety, will not empower us,

Nice vs. Kind

Karen explains the difference between being nice and being kind. When we are kind to ourselves it shows up in our interactions with others and we are kind without people pleasing. 

Understanding the Enemy

Finding a way to play with your survival brain and anticipate the thoughts it will give you helps you find ways to fight it. It’s empowering to be one step ahead of your enemy!  Podcast Instagram: @idkletsaskmymom Karen’s Coaching Instagram: @karenedwards.coaching

Beating Yourself Up is Optional

In our latest episode, Annika and Karen discuss how our sneaky brains can sabotage us from enjoying our achievements through our Hyper-Achiever. (Positive Intelligence) 

Strengthen Your Core

This episode isn’t about your abs but it’s about finding your core values! Karen and Annika discuss the three reasons why finding your core values is vital and give advice on how to find them. 

Know Your ”Why?”

Annika and Karen talk about how to know your “why?”. Asking yourself “why?” can give you more insight into why you want what you want or why you feel what you feel.

When It Hurts

We talk a lot about our circumstances being neutral…but what if our circumstance is pain? Karen and Annika discuss different ways to think about pain and how to empower yourself so your survival brain doesn’t take over. 

Find a New Angle

Karen and Annika talk about the different ways we can try to find a new perspective when something doesn’t go the way we planned in life. We get to choose how we feel about everything that happens to us!

Transform Your Regret

In this episode, Annika and Karen talk about how to transform regret into something that’s more useful, like knowledge.