How to Glow

Kayla Levin

The podcast where we get real about building the marriage of your dreams. Marriage coach Kayla Levin takes married Jewish women from surviving and overwhelmed to thriving and connected through practical tips, real life inspiration and more than a little self awareness along the way. Whether you are newly married, considering marriage, or have been married for years, I will share with you a powerful framework to help you get the most enjoyment and fulfillment from your relationships–and ultimately, your own growth. Find out more & join to get live coaching at

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Ep. 164 – How to Think Like a Life Coach

My job as your coach is to help you become an expert in using your brain. Your unique brain, with its individual quirks, yes. But our brains are so much more similar than they are different. Here are some of the things brains do: Interpret facts and think it’s reality

Ep. 163 – Getting Ready for Yuntif with Balagan Be Gone

This week I’m chatting with Rebekah Saltzman, owner of Balagan Be Gone, about how to get ready for yuntif without the stress! I know you’ll love her no-nonsense approach, and you’ll definitely love the awesome giveaway we have in store for you! THE GIVEAWAY! Go to to be entered

Ep 162 – How to Glow – The Origin Story

Want to hear the origin story of How to Glow? (Of course you do.) What is this whole concept of “glow” anyway? Check out what one of my community members says about it and what got us here in the first place. Episode Resources: How to Glow membership

Ep. 161 – When Your Husband Is Struggling

In this week’s podcast I’m sharing a tool for when your husband is struggling. There are three situations I’m addressing today: When your husband is going through a major transition or priority shift When your husband is struggling with something about you (whether that’s in your control or not) When

Ep 160 – Get Control of Your Time – Part 2

In Part 2 of this series, I’ll be going over solutions for the 5 most common stumbling-blocks in creating a proactive relationship with time and mastering your schedule. Episode Resources: Ep. 159 – Get Control of Your Time – Part 1 How to Glow coaching membership Ep. 2 – Why

Ep 159 – Get Control of Your Time – Part 1

Fall is around the corner and many of us are anticipating new routines and structures. Instead of just creating a routine, let’s create a schedule we’re actually excited to live. This week I’m going to walk you through the five main challenges that you might face when it comes to

Ep. 158 – Baseline Self Care – Summer Series Replay

One of my favorite coaching tools that I developed working with newlyweds is the idea of Baseline Self Care. This not your typical conversation about self care. This is not just about adding what you enjoy into your schedule. This is about understanding that you function on different levels–and the

Ep. 157 – Staying in Your Lane – Summer Series Replay

It’s crazy what a 180 we need to go through to go from dating to marriage.  Dating: “Can this guy make me happy?” Marriage: “It’s not his job to make me happy… I make MYSELF happy!” Is this a cop-out? Is this even possible? And what’s the point of getting

Ep. 156 – Be Birth Positive with Lauren Seidman

Today I’m excited to bring you a conversation with Lauren Seidman, a down-to-earth, relatable, and super knowledgeable childbirth educator who runs online classes and also shares her knowledge at her Instagram account @birth_positive This is a long overdue topic for us here! The more knowledgeable we are, the more we