How to Get Over Your Ex

Breakup Coach Dorothy

Breakup coach Dorothy, outlines the steps to get over your ex without it “just taking time”. She has combined her background in psychology with her life coach certification tools to provide actionable insights so that you’re not only learning the why but you’re learning the HOW to getting over your ex. Note: Dorothy utilizes the “he” pronoun when talking about her ex but this work can be applied to anyone. All genders and sexual orientations are encouraged to listen and apply the tools. Loving the How to Get Over Your Ex podcast? Enrollment for the Get Over Your Ex in 3 months or less program is NOW OPEN: ttps://

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An Example of What’s Possible

Client Success Story: Stephanie’s Journey to Self-Care Prepare to be inspired in this episode because I’m interviewing a former client.  Stephanie came to me unsure of what she needed, but she knew that a diet or fitness program wasn’t it. She took a leap of faith & it paid off.

Sugar-Cravings Reset Challenge

5 days to reset your palate and stop the sugar cravings If you’re anything like me, you looooove sweet treats & allow yourself to indulge on occasion. BUT sometimes our sweet treats can get ahead of us & we can seemingly overnight feel the pull towards adding more and more

Ep. 161 – The breakup pep talk you didn’t know you needed

A much needed breakup pep talk to uplift you through the rest of your week. Recently inspired by Living Untethered by Michael A Singer – Sending so much love, Dorothy

Working In Your Life vs Working On Your Life

Getting started  with your goals vs getting stuck in the weeds. Ever feel like you’re stuck in the weeds of your life? That you haven’t been making progress towards the things that you want to be doing? That every week slips through your fingers and you wonder, “Where did the

Ep. 160 – I let my ex treat me poorly

The way someone else treats you isn’t your responsibility. Oftentimes we get confused about the “ownership” piece of “letting people treat you poorly”. Today I demystify this idea of letting someone treat you poorly and what to do with the shame you experience around your past relationship. In today’s episode:

Style Masterclass with Judith Gaton

No, you don’t have to wait until you lose the weight before you look good in your clothes! How would you describe your style? When you go clothes shopping, do you find it a chore? Or is it something that you love? For many of us, the clothes that we

Ep. 159 – How to pick the right person next time

After a traumatic heartbreak, many of us want to make sure that we pick the right person next time, that we don’t get hurt like we did and that we don’t avoid the red flags like we did that time. In today’s episode I’m going to help you pick the

Taking Action

The formula on how to get the results you want You know that what we do – the actions that we take – will create your results. And right now, with the end of summer, it’s easy to start thinking about becoming healthier, and getting some structure back into your

Ep. 158 – I won’t meet anyone like my ex again

After a breakup it’s easy to turn to the idea that we will never meet anyone as great as our ex again. It’s a common thought error that many of us have. Join me today as I explain what the real problem is about this thought (it’s not what you

Confidence Made Easy with Xena Jones

Feminism & Weight Loss Coaching We’re flipping the script on today’s episode & Elizabeth is getting interviewed by host of the Confidence Made Easy Podcast and former guest, Xena Jones. In this episode, Xena interviews Elizabeth about the intersection between weight loss and feminism, how weight stigma and body image