Have The Career You Want

Mel Savage

Welcome to the Have the Career You Want podcast where it’s all about helping you turn the career you have into the career you’ve always wanted. My mission is that everyone has a job they love. That’s why this podcast is all about helping you confidently decide what you want in your career, perform at your best and enjoy every minute of it. This podcast *isn’t* about helping you find a career you love. It’s about helping you learn to love and thrive in whatever career you choose! I’ll show you how.

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Authentically Self Advocating

I know you think self-advocating feels fake.  But you also know that at your level,  it’s a good idea.  In fact, it’s more than a good idea.  It’s necessary at your level.  But talking about your accomplishments feels braggy and disingenuous. In this week’s episode, I’ll show you how to

Managing Tough People: Part 2

This is the second part of “Managing Tough People”. In last week’s episode, I went into detail on the number one thing you need to do with your tough people before you do anything else.  If you don’t do this one thing, nothing else will work. In part two, I

Managing Tough People: Part 1

You have someone on your team that’s tougher for you to manage than the others.  It’s uncomfortable.   At the same time, you don’t want to get rid of them because they deliver great work. What is the best way to handle this situation? In Part 1 of this topic,

Finding Work You're Passionate About

You’re thinking about quitting your job because it’s boring, right?  You’re not connected to it anymore and you want to do something you’re passionate about. I’ll tell you what you need to do and what to  avoid to wake up every morning passionate and excited for the day ahead. 

Too Much On Your Plate: FINDING THE TIME

Are you so busy that you can’t read this post?  Well… I’ll keep it short. I’m going to help you with finding the time in your schedule so you can have a life (and perform better at work). This episode isn’t a step by step guide to managing your to

WHEN YOU’RE ANXIOUS ALL THE TIME: Managing Anxiety at Work

If you wake up in the morning and automatically think you’re behind, work like crazy all day and then lose sleep because you’re worried about all the things you have to do tomorrow, then you’re probably feeling anxious a lot of the time. Anxiety is an emotion that can get

Mistakes that create burnout

Break the burnout cycle! Burnout is a pattern for a lot of people. Oftentimes we blame our burnout on the demands of the job.  But just because someone demands something, you don’t have to give it to them. Today, I want to teach you to take back control over your

5 Questions That Will Improve Your Performance Now

If you have a skillset or behavioural challenge you’re struggling with, then this week’s podcast is going to change the game for you.  I’ll give you five questions you can ask yourself to help you quickly and sustainably improve performance.  And, I’ll give you some answers as well.   This

Things I'd Do Differently Before Quitting My Corporate Job

If you’re out there right now thinking about quitting your corporate job for any reason, then this is the episode for you.  I’m going to share my story and mindset leading up to making the decision to leave my job, what I thought would happen, what actually happened, and three

Trying Not To Be Emotional At Work

For years I believed it was unprofessional to be emotional at work.  I was taught that emotions have no place at work.  And while things are changing, that is still the prevailing belief.  But let’s question that belief for a second.   Is it really true that emotions have no