Hack Your Human Design

Melanie Hill

In this podcast Human Design Guide & Business Mentor, Melanie Hill, will show you how you can create or realign your business so that it feels FUN, easy, and effortless with your human design. Think more clients, more fun, more money… all with LESS work and efforting. No more hustle and “ick.” Always knowing what to do next, and when. Never second-guessing yourself or outsourcing the answers again. Stop trying to copy and compare and unleash YOUR magic to the world!

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Ep #45: Feeling Safe Enough to Own Your Value

When you own your value, the hustle ends and the ease and flow of wealth can happen in your life. In today’s episode we explore an amazing question from Christie Inge (one of my favorite Human Design Mentors). While contemplating Gate 8 in Human Design (My North Node on Both

Ep #44: Using Your Strategy in Marketing

Today I break down exactly how to use YOUR specific human design strategy to market your business or services with ease! Here’s a sneak peek… Projectors: You’re a Gucci Bag, NOT the knockoff! Generators/Man-Gens: Have more Conversations (I break down HOW to do this in your marketing)! Manifestors: Use BOLD

Ep: #43 – The Year of “ME”

Every year I choose a word and/or intention of the year. This year it is: “The Year of ME.” I want to embrace and explain the confusion that’s happened in our society with “Selfishness” and “Self-Regard.”  In today’s episode, I go into detail about the goal behind my intention, why

Ep #42: Being Yourself IS the Best Marketing with Holly Pendergast

The Hack Your Human Design Free Quiz & Mini-Course is finally here! Go get it HERE!! Also there will be a free live event next week (12/12-12/16) for anyone who gets their quiz & course AND I’ll be giving away one free Human Design Reading to one person who gets

Ep #41: Your Dream Business is Here NOW with Lexi Beal

In this episode, I get to chat with a friend, colleague and Human Design Client of mine, Lexi Beal. We get right into it with allll the juicy things that have been happening for her inside of her business in the past month. Things like: a brand new offer that

Ep #40: Your ICONIC Essence with Eyenie, The Technicolor Priestess

In this episode, Eyenie and I talk all things energetics, your unique codes for magique, and what it means to be ICONIC. We discuss her human design and how she uses it to manifest magic in her business, and exactly how it helped her do her business her way. She

Ep #39: Healing Through Connection

Join me today as I get a bit into my personal journey of how I’ve healed and witness my clients heal through the divine mirror of connection. I keep coming back to it over and over again in my personal life and with my clients, so it’s time to chat

Ep #38: The End of Scarcity with Terri Bradway

In today’s episode of the podcast I have brilliant coach and client, Terri Bradway join me to chat all about how Human Design has changed her business and her life. We go deep into soo many juicy things: Masculine vs Feminine (Pushing vs Receiving) Confusion to discernment How to end

Ep #37: Feeling Pressure (& What to Do About It)

Today I want to talk about pressure. It feels like you can’t avoid it or get anything done in the world without it. But I’m here to crush that myth. I am going to help you decide today what KIND OF PRESSURE you want to use to move through the

Ep #36: Why Slowing Down Works

Slowing down = MORE Miraculous Results AND Slowing down = Discomfort You’re going to want to jump right back into action, ESPECIALLY when things start to “work.” I see it time and time again in my clients. It’s due to lots of things (I cover these inside the episode) but,