Hack Your Human Design

Melanie Hill

In this podcast Human Design Guide & Business Mentor, Melanie Hill, will show you how you can create or realign your business so that it feels FUN, easy, and effortless with your human design. Think more clients, more fun, more money… all with LESS work and efforting. No more hustle and “ick.” Always knowing what to do next, and when. Never second-guessing yourself or outsourcing the answers again. Stop trying to copy and compare and unleash YOUR magic to the world!

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Ep #32: The Trust Triangle

How would you move through the world if you trusted that you were supported? How would you make decisions if you trusted yourself fully? How would you connect with other people if you trusted that they loved you? In this episode, Melanie dives into the Trust Triangle, the three types

Ep #31: Synergy

Tune in today as Melanie goes deep into Synergy, a concept that allows you to bring all the parts of yourself together, without pushing aside parts of you out of fear or to gain success. Your soul and fear are here to teach you. Synergy being the most alive, unapologetic,

Ep #30: Creating Aligned Invitations as a Projector with Cam Nichols

In today’s episode, Melanie interviews her client Cam Nichols. Cam is an incredible coach for introverts. He helps them be more of themselves, own what they want and be less anxious as they navigate life.  In this interview, they talk about the impact of their work together, the power of

Ep. #29: Pleasing is Boring (And Holding You Back)

You’re not here to play nice!  We’re wired for one thing: making sure we’re not banished from the tribe. Essentially, we’re afraid of upsetting people, of letting certain parts of us die, parts that we created to be pleasing for other people.  Your conditioning, and biology, taught you that you

Ep #28: My $100k Lesson

I learned a BIG and HARD lesson the first 10 months in my business. I call it my $100k Lesson! Maybe you have a goal of $100k or have already gotten there or created multiple 6 or 7 figures in your business… and now you're thinking to yourself, "ok, now

Ep #27: Selling By Being You

Selling by being yourself means two things: Selling in a way that feels authentic and not sleazy, i.e., making your people feel good in the process of buying with you.  Showing up by being fully yourself, having fun and trusting that that’s enough for your people.  People need and want

Ep #26: You Don’t Need to Fix Yourself

As deep thinkers, feelers and coaches, it’s so easy for us to look for everything to improve. And as imperfect human beings, it’s so easy for us to try to make things better by fixing ourselves. How often has that been the solution? And why? Because it’s so easy to

Ep #25: Unleashing Your Magic with Allison McIntosh

Ever wondered what working with your human design and me might actually look like in your life… what your results might be? It's impossible to list a 5-step process to get to your end results when you're doing the deeper spiritual work of alignment and becoming your own authority in