Grow Your Independent Consulting Business

Melisa Liberman

Are you an independent consultant who’s ready to grow your business into a predictable revenue stream so you never need to worry about being forced back to corporate? And at the same time, you want to ensure your business doesn’t take over your life, like your corporate job did?The Grow Your Independent Consulting (IC) Business is a podcast that shares the blueprint to exactly how you can make that desire a reality. Each week, Business Coach, Melisa Liberman, brings you solo insights or informative guest interviews that will help you to accomplish your Independent Consultant Business goals. It’s time to get clear on exactly what you want and how to achieve it so that you can finally transform your work into a true business.

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EP. 082 Building a Business Owner Mindset (& more) with Maria Balcazar Tellez

In this episode, I interview one of my independent consultant clients, Maria Balcazar Tellez. Listen in as she provides invaluable insights from behind-the-scenes into how she’s running a successful independent consulting business.  Maria shares  how she's been able to transform from employee-based thinking into the CEO-level mindset required for a

EP. 081 Landing Too Much Consulting Business

This may come as a surprise but believe it or not, for some IC business owners having a full pipeline is a source of anxiety.  Without some intervention, it’s common to self-sabotage and kill the momentum that you've created in your independent consulting business. In this episode, I share how

EP. 080 The Quarterly Focus Project

Last week, I talked about the three components of the successful IC business owners' routine, and this week I am giving you a deep dive into one of those components, which is the Quarterly Business Focus Project.  Tune in as I outline this concept of a Quarterly Focus Project in

EP. 079 3 Components of the Successful IC Business Owner's Routine

Having a routine is critical to your success as an independent consulting business owner. Routines help you  Maximize your independent consultant business owner time Manage through conflicting priorities Balance working on your business with working in your business Ensure you’re proactively progressing toward your goals and business vision  Cut down

EP. 078 Bad At Business Development? The 4-Part Remedy

If you're thinking, “I'm bad at business development”, it’s imperative to tackle this head-on. You're running a business and you need to be able to sell. Otherwise, you don’t have a business. I am here to help you with this work by sharing everything you need to know about overcoming

EP. 077 Contract Negotiation Strategies for Independent Consultants

As an independent consultant, when you think about negotiations, one of two things occurs. You either try to do everything in your power to avoid negotiating because it feels so uncomfortable, or you end up rushing through the process, just trying to make it go away.  In either case, what

EP. 076 Personal Branding for Consultants (& more) w/ Jennifer Lemmert

In this episode, I interview one of my independent consulting business owner clients, Jennifer Lemmert.  Listen in as Jennifer shares her expertise in communication and how you can claim your own unique voice and branding so that you establish a reputation in your industry and are sought after for the

EP. 075 The Quick Win Business Development Strategy

You may be in a position where it feels like you have a pretty short window left to generate any impactful revenue for the remainder of this year, but there's no reason to write off this year.  I want to talk with you about something that you can be implementing

EP. 074 Lead Generation Procrastination

If you’re like most independent consultants, lead generation is not your favorite business activity. It feels awkward and uncomfortable. As a result, it’s common to procrastinate, defer and delay your business development routines. This inconsistency creates choppiness (or even a big, gaping hole) in your business development pipeline.  Balancing lead

EP. 073 Recession-Ready Your Independent Consulting Business

An economic downturn and its impact on your business might be the last thing you want to think about, but it’s important to take a critical look at various aspects of your business to ensure it thrives in tough times. And so today we're going to talk about what you