Fitness Matters with Pahla B

Pahla B, Fitness + Life Coach

Your fitness mindset matters. Join Pahla B, your best middle-aged fitness friend, to chat about making peace with your menopausal body, creating positive weight loss habits, changing your fitness mindset, setting and smashing goals, self improvement, effective fitness training and SO much more.

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Ep. 264: Permission to Change The Fitness Matters Podcast with Pahla B

Today’s episode of the Fitness Matters podcast is short, sweet, to-the-point, and possibly exactly what you need to hear if you’ve been struggling to make the changes you desire in your life. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Why you’re SUPPOSED TO change Why change FEELS hard Where your PERMISSION TO CHANGE comes

78 – The Holidays & Relationships, Part 2

The Holidays can be a wonderful season for you, but, they can also bring a lot of overwhelm, regret, and maybe even some shame. In this episode, we share some practical tips that can help you when you wish things were different, or when you’re feeling negative emotions. One of

Ep. 263: Overeating The Fitness Matters Podcast with Pahla B

It happens to us all: you’ve had a great day and stayed on track with your calories, but then you sit down on the couch to relax for the evening and suddenly you can’t stop thinking about those chips in the pantry. You want to get to your weight loss

77 – Gratitude

What things are you most grateful for? Gratitude helps us to stay focused on the present. On our thoughts, actions, and personal and emotional growth. In this episode, we talk about all the different things we are grateful for, why it is important to have gratitude, and a quick gratitude

76- The Holidays & Relationships, Part 1

Establish a good relationship with yourself first. How you treat yourself and your body will help you gain clarity about what kind of relationship you will have with others. Show up for others just like you would show up for someone you admire or respect in your life. Some of

75 – Staying With Our Goals

As we get closer to the end of the year, it’s important to continue moving toward your measurable goals. Whether it’s to: • Drink less, • Have better relationships, • Feel less overwhelmed, • Make the most of the rest of this year, or • You just can’t seem to

Ep. 260: Drinking Enough Water The Fitness Matters Podcast with Pahla B

So, you’ve downloaded The 5-0 Method because you want to lose weight, but the water requirement seems like a LOT more than you’re currently drinking. Can you count coffee, tea, or soda in that daily target? (By the way, if you don’t already have The 5-0 Method – my free

74 – Anxiety About The Future

Anxiety about the future holds us back from taking action. In this episode, we discuss what you can do to keep moving forward. To schedule a call to find out more about our 1: 1 coaching programs, go to: We look forward to connecting with you! . And,