Feminist Wellness

Victoria Albina

The Feminist Wellness podcast offers empowering holistic medicine, psychology and life coaching advice for smart women who believe they can live powerful, fulfilling lives with more self-worth, self-love, and true self-care. Equal parts nervous system science and witchy woo, Victoria brings it all together to help you see how your socialization, conditioning, and family blueprint are keeping you feeling stuck in life. If you’re ready to shake the codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing thoughts that keep you searching for external validation, putting yourself last and everyone else’s needs and opinions of you first, this is the show for you. Download my free suite of meditations at https://victoriaalbina.com/freemeditationdownload/ as a thank you for reviewing the show!

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Ep #192: Why Overcoming Codependency is VITAL for Coaches

#192: Listen in this week to hear Jenn Baron, Erika Belanger, Erin Pinto, and Tobi Fairley share how being a part of Anchored has transformed their lives and businesses. They’re diving into how codependency, perfectionism, and people pleasing were showing up for them, and the biggest shifts they’ve experienced since

Ep #191: Getting to Neutral

#191: If you’re ready to stop letting your old thought habits rule your life and give yourself the gift of choice in how you relate to yourself and the world, I invite you to try the thought exercise of getting to neutral. You’ll discover why this is an especially important

Ep #190: When It’s Not Just Your Thoughts

#190: Join me this week to discover why it makes so much sense that we’re detached from our biological impulses, and how to start connecting with your body’s deep intelligence so you can start giving yourself the basic attention every human needs. And to do that, I’m offering a list

Ep #189: For When Your Brain and Body Say No

#189: Join me this week as I invite you to question what it would be like to just decide you’ve done enough for right now. I’m showing you why we folks with codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing habits tend to work ourselves to the bone, the consequences of doing so when

Ep #188: Stop Taking Things Personally

#188: Discover the many reasons we take things personally, what becomes possible when we stop taking things personally, and the keys to reframing this habit. I’m showing you the role of codependency, perfectionism, and people pleasing in this cycle, and all of my favorite tools for beginning to slowly remove

Ep #187: Drama, Drama, Drama

#187: Join me this week as I show you what drama is, what it isn’t, why you may find yourself at the center of drama more often than you’d like. And of course, I share what you can do about it and the remedies to creating or participating in drama

Ep #186: Getting Anchored: Natalie’s Experience

#186: I’m sitting down with one of our members of the most recent cohort of Anchored, Natalie, to share her experience of being inside Anchored and the transformations she’s witnessed since being a part of our community. In her work as a management consultant and as a busy mama of

Ep #185: Disorganized Attachment

#185: Tune in this week to understand the murky waters of disorganized attachment, and see how we can develop more secure ways of moving through the world. I’m sharing how to see where disorganized attachment might be showing up through your habits, or those of the people you love, so

Ep #184: Avoidant Attachment

#184: This week, I’m diving into avoidant attachment and grounding you in what secure attachment can look and feel like so you have a vision of what’s possible. Discover the hallmarks of avoidant attachment and the remedies so you can start your journey into a more secure attachment style.   

Ep #183: Getting Anchored: Attachment Styles

#183: Join me this week for the first of a three-part attachment styles deep dive. You’ll discover how attachment theory often shows up, why attachment styles don’t mean anything about who you are, and how you can apply them to shift your relationships. And make sure to keep tuning in