Feminist Wellness

Victoria Albina

The Feminist Wellness podcast offers empowering holistic medicine, psychology and life coaching advice for smart women who believe they can live powerful, fulfilling lives with more self-worth, self-love, and true self-care. Equal parts nervous system science and witchy woo, Victoria brings it all together to help you see how your socialization, conditioning, and family blueprint are keeping you feeling stuck in life. If you’re ready to shake the codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing thoughts that keep you searching for external validation, putting yourself last and everyone else’s needs and opinions of you first, this is the show for you. Download my free suite of meditations at https://victoriaalbina.com/freemeditationdownload/ as a thank you for reviewing the show!

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Ep #213: Your Nervous System and Substances

#213: If you are ready to see what your life might look like without the substances of your choice, listen in. I’m sharing why I’m no longer available for substances to dysregulate me, the realizations I had when I removed caffeine from my life, and some questions you can ask

Ep 78: The Power Of Planning

You can have goals in life – from simple things you’d like to accomplish around the house to big bodacious dreams!  But if you don’t plan the path to your goals, they’ll take longer than they need to or they’ll never get out of your head and become a reality.

Ep #241: Self-Control

Do you sometimes, or always, feel like you have no self-control? I’m going to help you get more of it.   In this episode, I’m breaking down why it feels like you have no self-control and what you can do to do more of what you truly want to be

Ep #212: Meditating with Your Eyes Open

#212: It’s amazing to be able to step out of the life we’ve been living to take time, go on retreat, and step into deep inquiry about the experience of being human. While I love retreats, I also live in this world that includes a shadow side, hard edges, and

Ep #240: Resetting and Centering Yourself

Most of the time, we feel most centered in the morning. We have taken at least 7 hours (hopefully) to sleep and reset and when we wake up, we feel more motivated than we did the afternoon or night before. So it makes sense that when we feel off that

Ep #211: Belonging and Connection

#211: A sense of belonging is so core to the human experience, but for us folks living in codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing mindsets, we unwittingly hold on to stories that work against our human endeavor of belonging.    For us emotional outsourcers who are always looking outside ourselves for approval

Ep 77: Heal Your Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law

Today, we’ll be talking about the ultimate boss battle: your relationship with your mom and/or your mother-in-law! It’s a topic that makes many people shiver! Managing our relationships with our mothers can be challenging, and if there’s tension between you and your mother-in-law, it can create rifts in your relationships

Ep #239: Core Principles – Being Present, Allowing, Accepting

As a binge eating coach, I hear myself talk about the same things repeatedly with my clients and in today’s episode, I’m sharing three of them. These three core principles are all extremely important and need to be incorporated into your life when you’re working on stopping binge eating.  

Ep #210: Getting Anchored with Charlene Lam

#210: I’m delighted to introduce you to Charlene Lam, a certified grief coach, curator, speaker, and founder of The Grief Gallery. Charlene is here to share her experience of being in Anchored and her thoughts on group coaching. She shares how somatic coaching in Anchored differs from anything else she’s experienced,

Ep #238: Fearing the Scale

Are you afraid to step on the scale because of what might happen after you do? Maybe you’ll feel bad or start eating how you don’t really want to be eating. Well, that doesn’t have to happen anymore.   Using the scale to see how much you weigh is a