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For anyone who wants a career making feature films. Study success patterns of industry professionals, hear takeaways from our favorite film courses/books, get behind the scenes breakdowns and insights on films you love, and more.

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Ep. 90 – What Is The Value of A Movie?

How do you add value to your film? What does that mean? What determines value and why would people pay money to watch what you make? It's impossible to amplify the and sell the value of your film to the world if you don't understand why it matters to your

Ep. 89 – Support Yourself Financially, Making Feature Films

Do you think that you need to give up everything in your life to get your feature film off of the ground? The opposite may actually be true.  Sacrificing your lifestyle will only deplete your store of creativity and contacts that can lead to the very connections and resources you

Ep. 88 – Creating Character

How well do you know your characters?  Can you anticipate how a person would act in a variety of situations?  In art, if you're drawing a person, you have to understand how bone structure works to be able to draw the figure accurately, but you're not going to actually see

Ep. 87 – You Make What You Are

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all that you need to accomplish? In this episode, we talk about the importance of self care and how to prioritize your time in order to feel better. Free "Make Your Feature Film" Checklist Schedule my Greenlight Call Free "Make Your Feature Film" Checklist Schedule

Ep. 86 – Mining Your Life, Digging up Films

 Thinking that there isn't an interesting enough story in your life worth telling? This episode will help you discover what you can share with the world. In this episode, Kent and Anna discuss how to make a story personal, how to use your resources, and share some of their own

Ep. 85 – Crewing a Feature Film with No Money

Which crew members are most essential for your film, and which ones can you do without for your first feature? Who can manage multiple roles without being overwhelmed? If you're creating a film with a low/no budget range, then this podcast episode is for you. Free "Make Your Feature Film"

Ep. 84 – How to Make Films Together Without Killing Each Other

If you work with someone you love or are have family roles to play whilst also working on a film production, this episode is for you. Free "Make Your Feature Film" Checklist Schedule my Greenlight Call Free "Make Your Feature Film" Checklist Schedule my Greenlight Call

Ep. 83 – First Features: A Place Called Home with Adam Bova

An exclusive interview with Adam Bova, professor at Columbus State University and Producer on the Indie Feature, A Place Called Home.  We talk about:Balancing film and family How distribution is changing Why passion projects pay Advantages of making a low-budget first film Approaching distribution without a sales agent What Adam

Ep. 82 – Success Patterns: Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson is the 3rd highest grossing film director of all time. He is an absolute legend, but he got his start following the same pattern that all best filmmakers do.  He made movies for fun with his friends. They wore all the hats and played all the roles. They

Ep. 81 – Movie Club: Top Gun 2 – Maverick

This week on the podcast, we break down the exciting new film, "Top Gun 2 – Maverick" by filmmaker Joseph Kosinski. You can watch behind the scenes footage and interviews about the making of the film here. Once a month, as part of our Movie Club series of the podcast,