Family in Focus with Wendy Schofer, MD

Wendy Schofer, MD

Welcome to the community where we parent without weight worries. Dr Wendy Schofer is the pediatrician and Weight Coach for Your Whole Family, specializing in helping parents who are worried about their kids’ weight help the whole family build better relationships with food and body and each other. Creating lifelong habits for a healthy weight is now easy and fun for the whole family. And, you grow closer to your whole family all along the way. Yes, we talk weight and weight loss. And we emphasize learning to love and accept our bodies as they are before making any change. Because no one has to change their body or their weight to feel better. Let me show you how. There is a better way to approach concerns about body image, weight, and obesity in our families: it’s focusing on what we want to gain as we heal one relationship at a time. Please like, subscribe, rate & share the podcast to help others find it & join our growing community.

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Understanding Why We Eat (or do anything for that matter)

Previously we discussed doing a little sleuthing – observing behaviors. What is it that your kids are doing? What are you finding out about the patterns of their behavior? This week we are exploring what comes before the behaviors.  Why do we do the things that we do? It’s not

When you don’t have the Mom-Energy to do it: The Bare Minimum

How often are you just too pooped to do anything? And yet, work, kids, email, dinner, life just keep making demands of you. It is further exhausting! Today we talk about my concept and PRACTICE of The Bare Minimum. We define it, use examples of practice, and most importantly, why

Why Weight Goals Don’t Work for Kids

It’s Part 1 of our mini-series! Why don’t weight goals work for kids? Learn 3 reasons, and the first 2 things to do to help in a meaningful, lifelong way. Full show notes available here. Join Family in Focus coaching now. Current offerings available here. Weight Loss 101 for Your

What if your child is overweight?

No hypotheticals or fear of the future: let’s talk about what happens if your child is actually overweight, has a diagnosis of obesity or diabetes. Then what happens? Today we dive into what we can do as parents to support, nurture and help with raising our kids. It’s not what

How to deal with Sugar (and Kids)

SUGAR! It’s everywhere. How do you deal with the sugar in the food, and the fascination with sugar? Is it helpful to declare war on sugar? Let’s talk about different approaches to take to help get past the black and white thinking of sugar being all good or all bad.

Getting the Expert’s Input: What to Feed Our Kids

You’ve got questions, experts have answers. Bring your questions to Episode 69 of FIFWS and find out how to answer them: What do I feed my kids: how much, how do I help them find a healthy weight, how much to move… And so many more. Learn how to tap

Building trust in bodies and decisions

How do you build trust in your body? In your child and their decisions? How does your child build trust? Is it earned? Take a listen to learn the questions to ask now to build trust going forward. Full show notes available here. Weight Loss 101 for Your Whole Family:

Let’s Prepare for Halloween

It’s a spooky time of year, when we finalize costumes and freak out about what to do with all the Halloween candy. Sames, my friend. Let’s talk about preparing now & learn three things to help make Halloween what you want it to be for you & the kids. Full

What does a healthy weight need to look like?

Let’s do an exercise today. Bring a pen and paper, and be ready to write. We are going to explore what it needs to look like to have a healthy weight for you, for your family. It’s an introduction to something that I call the manual. And you will get

How to Struggle… Less

Struggling with your weight? Struggling with your child’s weight? Let’s talk about how to struggle less. Learn why we struggle, as well as the three ways to decrease struggle. With lots of examples of how I still struggle and use these tools in regards to working out, my kids’ struggles,