Family in Focus with Wendy Schofer, MD

Wendy Schofer, MD

Welcome to the community where we parent without weight worries. Dr Wendy Schofer is the pediatrician and Weight Coach for Your Whole Family, specializing in helping parents who are worried about their kids’ weight help the whole family build better relationships with food and body and each other. Creating lifelong habits for a healthy weight is now easy and fun for the whole family. And, you grow closer to your whole family all along the way. Yes, we talk weight and weight loss. And we emphasize learning to love and accept our bodies as they are before making any change. Because no one has to change their body or their weight to feel better. Let me show you how. There is a better way to approach concerns about body image, weight, and obesity in our families: it’s focusing on what we want to gain as we heal one relationship at a time. Please like, subscribe, rate & share the podcast to help others find it & join our growing community.

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Episode 298: The Power Promise

There are a lot of promises you could make to yourself in dedication to up-leveling your health and your life, but some promises are more powerful than others. In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I invite you to expand the promises you are making to yourself so

What to do when you aren’t seeing progress

Got a weight loss goal? Helping your child eat better to maintain their weight? And you’re not seeing progress? Listen to Episode #64 where we talk about what to do. Learn about: defining progress, what metrics are you using, and which should you not use Full show notes available here.

Episode 297: The sweet spot between structure and spontaneity.

Structure helps us live our lives in alignment with what we say we want. Spontaneity allows for creativity, adventure, and receptivity to what life has to offer us. The human brain often clings to one while neglecting the other, but we benefit from having both in our life. In this

“But can you just help my kid lose weight?”

I hear you, “Sure, healthy relationships with food are good, but… can you just help my kid lose weight?” Let’s talk about it! Why should or shouldn’t weight loss be the goal for your child? Full show notes available here. Weight Loss 101 for Your Whole Family: get started helping

Episode 296: The Antidote to Self-Doubt

It is bound to happen. You are going to have a day, probably many, along the path to moving your life to higher ground where self-doubt creeps in and you convince yourself that you aren’t making progress. And, in that moment… I hope you will extend yourself the grace of

Why is it so freaking hard?!?

OMG, I keep asking myself this very question, and I’m catching myself. Why is it so hard… with weight, with raising healthy kids, in business, in relationships?!? Shitty question alert Let’s talk about WHY it’s hard, and what to do about it. The art of: asking better questions, answering them,

Episode 295: Smart Body Smart Mind w/ Irene Lyon

Irene Lyon has been the most frequent guest on this show… for good reason. Nervous system health is the basis of EVERYTHING. It doesn’t only impact your health, it impacts every facet of your life including: How you handle setbacks, challenges, and disappointments in your life. If you will go

Episode 294: Goal Setting Reimagined

If you are struggling to reach your goals, listen up. There is nothing wrong with you but… your approach to goals? That just might need an upgrade. I have fallen in love with the process of setting and pursuing goals in the past few years and NOT for the reasons

Why worrying about weight doesn’t work, and what to do instead

Yup, we’re all worrying about weight. The wedding that’s coming up, the pants we want to fit back into, and now our kids — what about the kids? Even worse, we’re told to worry about weight from media and doctors offices and your dear in-laws. Let’s talk about worry –

Why Weight Management Isn’t What Our Kids Need

What is “weight management” anyway? Learn how it is code for diets, 4 reasons why diets are bad for kids, and what we can do as parents instead. Full show notes available here. Weight Loss 101 for Your Whole Family: get started helping your whole family with the self-paced mini-course