End Secret Bingeing

Sammy Bee, Life Coach

Do you binge food in secret? Do you wait until you’re alone before you allow yourself to enjoy “bad foods”? I did too, and I get it. Trust me, there’s NOTHING wrong with you. But if you don’t like the results of secret bingeing, I’m here to help. The BEST place to start is to get rid of the shame by TALKING ABOUT IT. So let’s do that, shall we?

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Anxiety and binge eating

So let’s dig a bit deeper into anxiety. Because the thing is, while binge eating or emotional eating as a way to calm your nervous system is a really quick, really fast-acting method of system regulation, it’s actually not a longstanding solution. It’s more of a pause. A way to

Holiday triggers

When we’re feeling bad around the holidays, we feel extra bad because we ‘shouldn’t’ be feeling bad.  –  like we’re doing it wrong. We’re supposed to be happy this time of year, dangit. So we often just ignore or fight our discomfort because we ‘shouldn’t’ be feeling this way. Fighting

How to self-regulate without food

Today is a short one because I intentionally don’t want to overcomplicate something that tends to get over-complicated. Today I want to talk about self-regulation. You’ve probably heard this term, and have learned various ways to self-regulate when it comes to our regulating our emotional state to help us remain

Your relationship with pleasure

Why do we feel like we have to justify our pleasure?  Or we feel like we have to earn our pleasure. We have to get all our work done first. There’s too much to do; we can’t enjoy ourselves until it’s done. Often our brains will convince us that if

The laziness episode

Today I want to talk about laziness. It’s a loaded topic, and I’m gonna cover some history, but I think it’s a veery important topic to discuss. And here’s why. So many my clients who struggle with food and binge eating, associate their inability to eat quote “healthy” with their

How to trust your body

Your body isn’t wrong.  The secret to learning how to trust your body, is to simply get to know her; her needs and desires, and then, here’s the kicker – to honor those needs and desires.  Doing this means we stop trying to fit her into a box that someone

Why we keep eating even when we don’t want to

Today I talk about something I’m calling ‘from delight to despair; it’s this phenomenon that happens when you’re someone who suffers with binge eating behaviors, and you find yourself in a dysregulated emotional state, and the idea of a binge sounds so absolutely phenomenal. It sounds like such a pleasure,

Fighting vs. allowing

So here’s the thing. You can fight what happened or what is happening – you can fight reality all you want. Absolutely. In fact, I’ve spent much of my life doing just that. However, when we do that, we’re getting in the way of actually processing the emotion and the

External vs. Internal validation

Ideally, a healthy mix of both internal and external validation would be accessible for you. And if you don’t feel like it is just yet, I want to remind you that you are well on your way. Doing this work, listening to this podcast, spending time with your inner world

When food is the only coping mechanism that works

So of course food serves as the best coping mechanism because it’s the one we want the most because it’s the one thing our brain thinks we aren’t able to have in abundance. . We over-desire food because we keep telling ourselves we can’t have it, that all of our