Empowering Women Physicians

Sunny Smith MD

Medicine is truly the most noble profession. It is an honor and a privilege to be responsible for the health and well being of our society. As physicians, we aim to relieve human suffering. Then why are so many of us unhappy, stressed, and even considering leaving medicine? Characteristics of self sacrifice and delayed gratification allowed women physicians to get through medical school and residency. Yet these very same traits can cause increasing distress and may no longer be serving us. This podcast encourages women physicians to reflect on the wise words of the Hippocratic Oath and consider what more they could be doing to maintain the utmost respect for their OWN human life and its quality. Women physicians are strong, intelligent, resilient, hard working, insightful, and live their lives in service of others. Through this podcast, Dr Sunny Smith reminds them that they must first care for themselves so that they may care for others. As a practicing physician and certified coach, she offers tools that can be used to help them take a closer look at their life right now, what they love and what they’d like to change. She helps physicians set goals and empowers them to take steps toward creating their best lives starting today.

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Episode #28 – Indoctrination

In this episode we talk about the indoctrination all of us went through during our medical training.  In the next episode we will discuss learned helplessness, unlearning, and re-learning agency and self-efficacy. References and resources mentioned in this podcast References 1. Greenawald MH MD, FAAFP, Pipas CF MD, MPH, FAAFP. 

Episode # 27 – There is no badge of honor

In this episode we talk about the important role of “micro-mentoring” in facebook groups for women physicians.      We also discuss one such example where women physicians reflect on and call out beliefs we have or actions we take, as if there were a badge of honor for sacrificing

Episode # 26 – The Power of Our Stories

Human beings are enthralled by stories and use them as tools to connect, to make sense of the world, to engage and transmit information from one person to another, one community to another, and one generation to another.  Our stories influence our beliefs and our culture.  Personal heartfelt stories engage

Episode # 25 – What we really do

We are thrilled to be back after a year long break from releasing new episodes to bring you more of the Empowering Women Physicians podcast.  In this episode, we hope to help you reflect on what you really do and the meaning and impact you have on people’s lives.   Dr.

Episode # 23 – Dr. Sonia Wright (sex, mentoring, racism, continuous transformation)

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Sonia Wright about her journey, continuous transformation from her time in college, postbacc, residency, fellowship, parenting, mentoring, coaching, sex, intimacy, racism, and her experience living in the Twin Cities, MN during recent months and the anti-racism movement. Home PDF guide: bit.ly/sexualintimacyguide

Episode # 20 – How are you feeling? (Affect labelling)

How are you feeling? No really, how are you feeling. Pick a word. See if you can name how you are feeling right now. Affect labelling (naming an emotion) has been shown to decrease distress.  In this episode, we talk about the neuroscience behind using your own brain to feel