Embrace It All!

Angela Adams

Although living with anxiety can be a challenge, did you know that you can really enjoy your life and thrive, despite dealing with anxiety? I know, because I have dealt with anxiety since the age of 10. This podcast is for anyone who deals with anxiety and overwhelm regularly. Each week you will come to understand that anxiety and overwhelm do not define who you are. You are so much more! Whether you are a young adult, just starting out, a mom in the middle of raising a young family, or you are in the mid stage of life, you will be able to understand and take charge of your emotions, in particualr anxiety and overwhelm, by listening to and applying the concepts and the tools I teach here and in no time you will see how you can embrace and love all of it.

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Staying Focused on Your Journey

Every one of us is on our own journey toward something; a final destination or end goal perhaps.   Some may be working toward achieving a new goal, or making a change that will improve their quality of life.  Others may be  on a journey because of a significant change

How To Listen To What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

Our bodies can be a wealth of information if we take the time to listen to it.  I think most of us would agree that when there is something physically going on in our bodies,  it is generally easier to listen to it.  However,  even though we can feel it,

Less Is More: Simplifying Your Life and Creating More Peace

What are the things that you want more of in your life and what will you gain from having less ?  Do you wanat more peace and less frustration?  More space and less clutter?  More security and less scarcity? It took me a while to embrace the thought "Less is

Growing in Grace

For several days I struggeled to know what I wanted to discuss for this last episode  in 2022 of Embrace it All.  I wrote down several ideas, but nothing came together and I tried again.  At one point I resigned to the fact that maybe I would just let it

The Most Important Relationship In Your Life With Amy Elkins

I'm so excited to have Amy Elkins, The Relationship Coach, on the podcast today!  We will be discussing how the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship in your life.  Now, of course, this relationship includes your relationship with God and understanding who you really are. The

What is Keeping You From Possibilities and Opportunities?

Our brain is  motivated by three things:  seeking pleasure, avoiding pain, and conserving energy.  Some refer to this as the brain's motivation triad.   And to achieve these three things, our brains tell us stories.  Lots and lots of stories.  And who doesn't love a good story?    But we

Finding Joy in the Mid Season of Life with Jill Pack

As women, entering the mid season of our lives can bring up all kinds of emotions.  For those who have dedicated the majority of their lives to raising a family, once their last child leaves home questions like "what do I do now?"  "who am I, really?", and "where do