Embrace It All!

Angela Adams

Although living with anxiety can be a challenge, did you know that you can really enjoy your life and thrive, despite dealing with anxiety? I know, because I have dealt with anxiety since the age of 10. This podcast is for anyone who deals with anxiety and overwhelm regularly. Each week you will come to understand that anxiety and overwhelm do not define who you are. You are so much more! Whether you are a young adult, just starting out, a mom in the middle of raising a young family, or you are in the mid stage of life, you will be able to understand and take charge of your emotions, in particualr anxiety and overwhelm, by listening to and applying the concepts and the tools I teach here and in no time you will see how you can embrace and love all of it.

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Bonus Episode: General Conference "Shoulds"

As many of you know, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Twice a year the leadership of our church (our Prophet and Apostles, and other leaders) conduct what we call a General Conference, a conference for anyone who would like to hear the

Expectations and Disappointments

When our expectations aren't met, it creates disappointment.  But what are expectations, really?  And what can we do to soften the sting of disappointment when our expectations aren't met?  What are stealth expectations?  What happens when we reality check our expectations?  All these questions and more will be answered as

What Thoughts and Emotions Are You Indulging In?

When you think of indulging in something, what would it be?  For me it is chocolate chip cookie dough. Whenever anyone in my family makes chocolate chip cookies, I am right there with a spoon ready to test the dough.  And warm cookies right out of the oven…yes, I will

Stop the Judgement! It's All Good!

In this episode I share my personal experience of how my coach ucovered  my feelings of being overwhelmed only to reveal what I was truly feeling:   self criticism and self judgement.When I was in this space, of judgement, and self-criticism,  I wasn’t able to do anything.  I wasn’t present

Where is your focus?

There is always more than one way of seeing things or interpreting the situations we experience.  Our brain is the lens through which we see the world around us.  As it filters  information coming in, it makes interpretations that create the experiences we have.  Sometimes our brain gets stuck using

How To Become Good At Feeling Everything

We came to this earth not to feel good, but to become good at feeling.   Our earth life experience was designed for us to feel the full spectrum of emotions and learning how to understand and manage our emotions is the foundation for everything we experience in life.  Think

There Is Nothing Wrong With You!

How many times do you look at the challenges you are dealing with, whether physical or emotional, as problems?   Do these challenges make you feel like apologizing or hiding in shame? Have you ever felt like it was wrong to have the challenges you have? It can be so

Acknowledging the Importance of Our Emotions: Interviewed by Heather Rackham

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Heather Rackham, fellow Life Coach and owner of the Latter-Day Saint Life Coach Directory.   This episode can also be heard here: https://ldslifecoaches.com/episode/86-acknowledging-the-importance-of-our-emotions-with-angela-adams/ You know I love to discuss emotions and how important acknowledging them and allowing them is to building our emotional

Understanding and Embracing Change

If There is one constant in life,  it’s change. Life is all about change.  When we left our Heavenly home and came to earth, our spirit gained a physical human body, and  we were veiled from remembering our Heavenly home.  This was our first significant  introduction to an eternal lifetime

How To Handle Sleep Deprivation

Getting enought sleep is so important to both our physical and our mental health.  But it's interesting to me that during the various stages of our lives, as women, we go through periods of sleep deprivation:  Being a young mom with children that awake in the night, having teen age