Elegant Warrior Podcast with Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen

The Elegant Warrior is a podcast for all of those who want to ask for what they want and get it, with elegance. Heather Hansen interviews guests like activist, mom and actress Kelly Rutherford, authors BJ Fogg and Nir Eyal, ABC Legal Analyst and host of Live PD Dan Abrams, and many more, discussing how they define elegance and how they maintain it in times of trial.  For information regarding your data privacy, visit Acast.com/privacy

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235: Planning for the New Year–in October

I will share why I believe this is the best month to start planning for next year, and what that planning should involve. ~ WE’LL DISCUSS ~ Why planning before the holidays can be more productive than waiting till after The benefit of creating 45-minute increments of ‘Thinking Time’ Five

231: How to Be A Powerful Patient

As patients, we don’t always recognize the vital role we play in our healthcare. Understanding that our knowledge is power can give us the tools needed to advocate for ourselves.    ~WE’LL DISCUSS ~ Why William Osler, the first Physician-in-Chief of Johns Hopkins Hospital, believed that patients were the source

230: Fotini Iconomopoulos and Saying Less

Fotini Iconomopoulos explains how taking an unconventional approach to negotiation can help us all have better conversations and get what we want out of work and life. ~ WE’LL DISCUSS ~ The power of finding your mental pause button and taking a meditated breath during negotiations  What a BATNA is

228: The Other Heather Hansen and Unmuted

Heather Hansen reveals how the only way to conquer challenges in professional communication is to unmute yourself. ~ WE’LL DISCUSS ~ Microcultures, the 3% Rule, and how we’re influenced by the way we organize ourselves Three types of communication – Conscious, Confident, and Connected Why we have an emotional connection

227: Define, Don’t Delay, Gratification

When you have a goal, do you have to delay gratification until you meet that goal? ~ WE’LL DISCUSS ~ How you can get instant gratification before your goals are fully met Why you can and should decide where you find your pleasure Four sources of pleasure and gratification This