Elegant Warrior Podcast with Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen

The Elegant Warrior is a podcast for all of those who want to ask for what they want and get it, with elegance. Heather Hansen interviews guests like activist, mom and actress Kelly Rutherford, authors BJ Fogg and Nir Eyal, ABC Legal Analyst and host of Live PD Dan Abrams, and many more, discussing how they define elegance and how they maintain it in times of trial.  For information regarding your data privacy, visit Acast.com/privacy

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249: How to Get Into Your Guidance Groove with Dr. Carolyn Kurle

Dr. Carolyn Kurle shares with us that there is a voice we all have that knows exactly what to do when it’s time to make a choice in life, big or small. She will explain ways to find your authenticity and trust it.  ~ WE’LL DISCUSS ~ What the Guidance

248: How to Build Belief in Yourself – You Need to Advocate

Today, many self-help gurus and influencers emphasize why we need to believe in ourselves, but not neccessarily how to build that belief. In this episode, I will share the tools I’ve successfully used throughout my career as an attorney and how you can use them in your life.~ WE’LL DISCUSS

247: An Update…

In today’s solo episode, I’m announcing a change to The Elegant Warrior podcast.   Stay Connected with Heather: To schedule a call with Heather, click here  To follow Heather on Instagram, click here To subscribe to Heather’s 3Q newsletter, click here To request a transcript of this episode, email operations@heatherhansenpresents.com

246: My Top 10 Books of 2022

As an avid reader, I’m excited to share that I read nearly 200 books in 2022. In today’s solo episode, we will take a look at my top 10 book choices from the year and discuss the impact they had on me.  My Book Choices: House in the Cerulean Sea

245: Choose Your Word for 2023

Many are taking on the practice of choosing a “Word of the Year” so that, instead of setting a lot of different resolutions, you select one single word to be your focus for the new year. I will discuss why choosing a word helps you stay motivated and intentional, and

244: Courage to Own Your Brilliance with Candace Doby

Candace Doby explains how we can develop courage professionally and personally, and why courage looks different on everyone.  ~ WE’LL DISCUSS ~ Why risk is at the center of courage Three questions we should always ask ourselves How we can activate courage as though it were a muscle How to

243: The Tools to Build Belief

What do you want to believe? And do you want to change what others believe about you? I will discuss the tools I’ve used in the courtroom and in my life to successfully make believe. ~ WE’LL DISCUSS ~ Why helping someone believe something goes beyond simply saying it repeatedly

242: How to Change–a Habit, a Culture, a Team, a Life

What is something you really want to change? Do you believe you can do it? In this solo episode, I’ll share my 4-step process for successfully making any change in your life, professionally and personally. ~ WE’LL DISCUSS ~ How to change by learning to advocate When you need to

241: How to Advocate for Yourself When You’re in the Minority

The marginalization of specific groups is no doubt an all-too-common occurrence affecting many people. In this solo episode, I’ll share ways to advocate for yourself, your ideas, and your potential when you’re in a marginalized community. ~ WE’LL DISCUSS ~ The beliefs that can stop us from advocating for ourselves

240: Leading Inclusion with Dr. Gena Cox

How can understanding true inclusion lead to successful leadership? Dr. Gena Cox discusses the highlights of her book ‘Leading Inclusion,’ and shares insights based on her own years of experience in corporate America, as well as the experiences of colleagues and clients.   ~ WE’LL DISCUSS ~ Why she believes