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Victoria Gibson

The life coach marketing resource for those who want to transform more lives with their coaching and earn more while they do it. Certified Life & Marketing Coach, Victoria Gibson shares the best online marketing strategies for life coaches who want to get fully booked and get better results for their clients. Whether you are newly certified or a more experienced life coach, you can grow your business and impact with actionable strategies in each and every episode. For more information visit victoriagibson.com.

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The 5 Key Elements Of A Highly Profitable Life Coaching Business

So, I want to get you focused on the right things. Not ALL the things so you have your bases covered, I want you to do less of the things, but focus on what matters. The problem is the things that matter aren’t always the easiest and are quite often

Is Paperbell A Good Choice For Life Coaches? I Ask Laura Roeder

Too many coaches are busy chasing payments, going back and forth on session times, and struggling to find one online hub for their client notes and follow-up that can easily be accessed – and for all this to be done without a hefty online payment.So, if you are using a

How To Get Published As A Life Coach (Without Writing A Book)

Getting published and seen by more people than the authority of the publication, website, podcast, or TV show rubs off on you too, and you get the extra Google Search juice from links and mentions.There’s nothing to lose and you don’t need any special tools, software, or ads to make

What To Know About A Life Coach Photo Shoot

As a life coach, establishing and growing your own personal brand is essential to growing and engaging an audience of potential clients and that means sharing who you are on your website and on social media. Now, you can totally get started with taking selfies on your phone with a

4 Big Ways You Sabotage Your Marketing As A Life Coach & How To Overcome Them

If you’ve been working hard to grow your life coaching business and get more clients but you’re not feeling any closer to success, you might be indulging in the dreaded dream killer – SELF-SABOTAGE.Particularly as it relates to your marketing.Self-sabotage is behaviours or thoughts that hold you back and prevent

How To Use A Facebook Group To Attract Paying Clients As A Life Coach

A Facebook group took my potential clients from cold to client in a community setting and worked extremely well alongside webinars as a great way to attract clients.There are 3 big advantages of starting and growing your own Facebook Group, and they are perfect for life coaches who are looking

How To Get Great Client Testimonials

Let’s dive into why testimonials are so important for you to grow your life coaching business. And the step-by-step system to get incredible testimonials that do the selling for you. I also want to share the best way to leverage your social media testimonials on autopilot, and the dos and