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Dr. Sherry Price

Are you ready to drink less and change your relationship with alcohol forever? Successful women everywhere are drinking more alcohol more frequently. Society tells us that drinking is a normal way to handle stress and anxiety and is a fun, easy way to reward ourselves at the end of a long day. But drinking too much keeps us from living the healthy, connected, joyful life we really want. Every day Dr. Sherry Price helps women transform their desire to drink with simple, powerful, cognitive-based tools. You’ll learn to trust yourself around alcohol and choose whether – and how much – to drink without feeling deprived or broken. You deserve to feel like yourself again. Get started today at sherryprice.com/startnow and check out sherryprice.com for show notes and more.

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122: 10 Warning Signs You May Have an Unhealthy Relationship with Alcohol

Once you start down the path of overdrinking, it gets harder and harder to course correct or even notice that your relationship with drinking has become unhealthy. Luckily, there are 10 warning signs you can look out for that are a wake-up call, telling you that your drinking is in

121: Why You Overdrink: Facts vs Feelings

“Studies show that women who have one drink per day increase their risk of breast cancer by 5% to 9% compared to those who abstain.”   I see statistics like this and they fire me up. When we drink, we ignore the facts and justify our drinking because of how

120: Why You Can’t Break the Overdrinking Habit

If you’re struggling to cut back on your drinking and you don’t want to turn to others for help, you might be struggling with toxic independence. Some signs of this are extreme perfectionism, self-criticism, and even taking on too much responsibility at home or work. Luckily, once you see how

119: The Opposite of Addiction Isn’t Sobriety

You might think that the opposite of addiction is sobriety, but this is false. If you truly want to become a woman who can take it or leave it with alcohol, you need to add a critical yet basic human need back into your life. You need to remove the

118: Making An Impossible Goal Possible

Do you have an impossible goal you want to achieve in 2023? Maybe you want to drink less or stop drinking completely, or finally become a woman who can take it or leave it with alcohol. Whatever your big, scary, impossible goal is, I want you to know that it is possible. And

117: Drinking More Around the Holidays

Over the next few weeks of the holidays, there will likely be more opportunities to drink between holiday parties and hosting friends or family. I already know that I will be drinking more than usual. I also know that saying that will spark lots of questions. Aren’t you worried you

116: How to Conquer Your Drinking Habit

You might think that changing your drinking isn’t possible this time of year. “There are too many triggers: holiday parties, travelling, seeing family. It’s just too hard, so I’ll wait until January.” My friends, if you are having thoughts like this I want you to listen closely this week. By focusing

115: Why Harm Reduction is the Way Forward with Maia Szalavitz

This week, you’re hearing from an incredibly special guest. Maia Szalavitz is an amazing writer and a much-needed refreshing voice in the fields of addiction and harm reduction, and the way she combines neuroscience and social science with her own experience of addiction gives her the most valuable insights.  

114: How to Permanently Change Your Drinking: Shifting Your Identity

As we close out 2022 and you reflect back on the past 11 months, how do you want to shift in the upcoming year? In what ways do you want to improve? Continually growing feels amazing. But what doesn’t feel good is staying in the same place for a long time. Shifting your identity

113: The Solution to Your Drinking: Doing the WORK

If you currently believe you drink because you’re stressed, anxious, lonely, sad, or disappointed, those are just symptoms of the real problem. Treating the symptoms doesn’t propel you toward the life that you dream of. It just keeps you stuck in the same old cycles. So this week, you’re going to learn how to start doing