Done with Dieting with Elizabeth Sherman

Elizabeth Sherman

Are you done with dieting, but still want to lose weight? You’ve come to the right place. In the Done with Dieting podcast, we’ll explore all things health related. Specifically food, moving, stress and sleep management, our bodies, and how we think about those things. Learn what really drives us to overeat or make poor food choices, and how to create healthy habits that make you look and feel good at the same time. Often, we think that we can only be happy once we lose the weight. But what if we have it all backwards? What if when we learn to accept ourselves as enough, appreciate our bodies or learn how to create happiness, that weight loss becomes the cherry on top? Visit to download the 8 Basic Habits that Healthy People Do Guide & Checklist to start your journey focusing on the basics of good health Today! *** Elizabeth Sherman is a Certified through the American Council on Exercise as a Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 & Level 2, and the Life Coach School as a Life & Weight Loss Coach

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An Example of What’s Possible

Client Success Story: Stephanie’s Journey to Self-Care Prepare to be inspired in this episode because I’m interviewing a former client.  Stephanie came to me unsure of what she needed, but she knew that a diet or fitness program wasn’t it. She took a leap of faith & it paid off.

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The formula on how to get the results you want You know that what we do – the actions that we take – will create your results. And right now, with the end of summer, it’s easy to start thinking about becoming healthier, and getting some structure back into your

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Feminism & Weight Loss Coaching We’re flipping the script on today’s episode & Elizabeth is getting interviewed by host of the Confidence Made Easy Podcast and former guest, Xena Jones. In this episode, Xena interviews Elizabeth about the intersection between weight loss and feminism, how weight stigma and body image

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