Creating a Fantastical Life with Jen Cui

Jen Cui

If you’re ready to grow, join certified life coach, Jen Cui, in creating a fantastical life. You’ll have a breakthroughs after each episode that brings you closer to being your authentic self, building genuine confidence, experiencing true love, and achieving mind-blowing success. TW: Jen is brutally honest, loves the magic of spirituality, doesn’t believe in hustling your way to success, and talks about trauma frequently. You will be intensely loved and supported, but never coddled. Connect with Jen: @jencuicoaching Intro Music: Skyline by Ikson Support this podcast:

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059. powerful journaling questions for the autumn equinox

It’s time to reflect and renew your energy! In this episode, get a quick and dirty energy read of today and get some of the most POWERFUL questions to consider to best utilize the energy of the Autumn Equinox to clear the slate and manifest what you want, before you

058. 3 skills to master to become unafraid & stay grounded in uncertainty

(01:22) why doing this work is so important (05:03) overview of the 3 strategies and the 2 prerequisites required to use them (07:23) identifying fears, feeling fear, and processing the emotion (14:35) breaking down fear, disappointment, shame & pain (20:55) tending to your nervous system & noticing your triggers (32:01)

057. what happened on my first shroom trip

“How was it?! Tell me everything!!!”  Well, everything and nothing has changed. This episode is chock full of insights and codes to unlock your highest self, so sit down, keep your mind open, and get ready for a wondrous trip. (00:17) Disclaimer about this episode (01:33) My 9-day self-retreat, intentions,

056. how to have more FUN

“I don’t even know how to have fun anymore…” it’s a sad statement that I feel rings true in most adults. So on the journey to creating a fantastical life- what role does fun play? What even is “fun”?   Fun is not a one-size fits all definition. It’s nuanced

055. 5 tips on how to work with your neurodiverse brain

What if we are not the problem? What if you’re not deficient, defective, or have a “disorder”? What would it look like to work with yourself instead of against it? Explore all of these questions and start making life easier on you. – Jen’s exploration in learning about ADHD –

054. how to use experimentation and commitment to grow in life and business

Experimentation and commitment are two sides of the same coin, and when used intentionally, can lead to incredible results. However, when used unintentionally (or with shitty intentions) leads to *pppft* Listen now to find out how to use them in your life. The Soulopreneur Collective is HERE!!! Join the waitlist

052. signs you’re growing // the effects of coaching

Not sure if you’re growing? Feel like you’ve come a long way, but then get pulled back? Here are some signs that you’re growing in your personal development journey and what the growth trajectory looks like as a life coaching client. (0:17) What you’ll discover about yourself in personal development

051. just sit down and listen to this episode

I say this with love: shut up, and listen to this episode because it will change the trajectory of your life forever- if you let it. (0:17) what this episode is all about (2:53) reaching your goals do not change your brain chemistry NOR excuse you from the human experience