Conversations with Christal

Christal Allen-Harrahill

Conversations with Christal is your place to be both inspired and challenged by new thoughts and strategies on how to up level your Life and Relationships. Certified Life & Relationship Coach, Christal will help you understand why we sometimes create results we don’t want in our lives and how to turn it around. Christal believes Relationships can be healed and that it only takes one person to start the process. Learn more at: Enjoy!

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76. How to have Date Nights

Are you wondering how to keep the spark alive in your marriage? The first easy step is creating a date night. Listen in for some easy ways to incorporate dating into your marriage. Don’t be discouraged or overwhelmed by the pressure of what your friends/family/society may or may not be

75. Sustainable Decisions: My Story

How to keep the decisions you make: Today we will talk about a simple first step to start keeping your word on the decisions you make to yourself. Many times when we make a decision, we fly out the gates with excitement to only be found a half mile away

74. Household Decisions

How to run your household in a way that supports your dreams: Are you frequently thinking to yourself that you have to do everything when it comes to your household? There are some small steps that you can take today that will give you back some time to decide how

Relationship Decisions

How to have healthy and strong relationships: How many of your relationships, including the one with yourself, are running on autopilot? Tune in today to learn some powerful questions to ask yourself to know it’s time to make some decisions and how to go about it. Enjoy! Your Coach, Christal

Decision Fatigue

What are some decisions you can make ahead of time that will make a huge difference in your life? In today’s show, I share a simple yet powerful question to ask yourself regularly. It will have you slowly eliminate time-wasting activities and thoughts from your routine. Being an intentional decision-maker

Mastermind with me in 2023

Welcome to the New Year. I’m excited to serve you in a whole new way this year starting with my Mastermind, Change Maker Society. We will come together as a group and get results in our home life, relationships, and professional lives. Tune in to learn more about how you

Women in Real Estate: Lesa Frye

Today I have the honor of interviewing Lesa Frye, who is what I like to think of as the Trifecta Coach for women in Real Estate. Lesa helps her clients embrace joyful living by mastering their minds, money, and time. You’ll hear Lesa’s perspective on what it takes to love

Your Home Life, Your Relationship, and Your Profession

Have you ever thought about the identity you have for yourself? Those subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle thoughts you tell yourself regularly? One day you identify as being “a mess”, the next, “all over the place.” They don’t sound like a big deal and sometimes we get a laugh out of

Women in Real Estate: Heather Matz

Tune in to hear my interview with THE Life Strategist for Real Estate Professionals, Heather Matz. You will hear how she has used her real estate career and especially the lessons learned to be better in all aspects of her life, including her relationships. Heather has a relaxed and compassionate