Conversations with Christal

Christal Allen-Harrahill

Conversations with Christal is your place to be both inspired and challenged by new thoughts and strategies on how to up level your Life and Relationships. Certified Life & Relationship Coach, Christal will help you understand why we sometimes create results we don’t want in our lives and how to turn it around. Christal believes Relationships can be healed and that it only takes one person to start the process. Learn more at: Enjoy!

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67. Spirit-Led To Think Bigger

Have you ever been stalled in your efforts as you felt the Spirit redirecting your steps? In today’s show, I talk about how I felt led by the Spirit and what that means for you and me. Tune in to hear my journey of feeling out of alignment and accepting

66. An Invitation to Work With Me

This is the last week of our strong marriage series. Tune in to hear how we can work together and how I can help you get more of what you want in your relationship. In Your Corner, Christal Your Trusted Relationship Life Coach Schedule your complimentary sales call at:

65. Create a Vision for Your Marriage

Proverbs 29 reminds us that without a vision the people will perish. I believe the same goes for our marriages. Tune in to hear the benefits of being intentional in your marriage and an invitation to take this work deeper. This is week 3 of my Strong Marriage Series. Each

64. Work on your Marriage WITH your spouse Not just IN your Head

Are you working on your marriage WITH your spouse or mainly IN your head? Most of us do the latter. We want to avoid the possibility of an uncomfortable conversation with our spouse so we have it in our heads and still experience the discomfort. Tune in to learn WHY

63. A Long Marriage does not equal a Strong Marriage

How to create a strong marriage? Interestingly enough, longevity has little to do with whether your marriage is strong. Tune in to learn 3 things you can do right now to create the strong marriage of your dreams. This is the kick-off week to my final round of private 1:1

62. Women in Real Estate: TrinaMarie Shaw

In today’s show, I had the honor of interviewing The United States of America’s Mrs. Nevada 2022, TrinaMarie Shaw. You’ll be connected to her vulnerability and story as she shares about her professional career in real estate and the issues that are most important to her regarding mental health. Tune

61. How Bad Do You Want the Life You Want?

How bad do you really want the life you want? What would it look like for you to get out of your head and go after the life you want? Listen in today to envision some possibilities. Then take this as an invitation to create more of what you want

60. Mixed Race Relationship Workshop Invitation

Are you in a mixed-race relationship? Do you sometimes wonder where the disconnect is? Many times this boils down to you and your partner literally having different lived experiences. Not because you or your partner are doing something wrong. Join me for a special workshop where I talk about how

59. Women in Real Estate: Alyssa Holbrook

Have you ever considered earning passive income through Real Estate? My special guest today, Alyssa Holbrook helps her clients do just that. Tune in to hear her share her real, raw, and personal journey. She leads by example and you will walk away from this conversation inspired. Enjoy! You can

58. Staying the Course & Not Giving Up

How do you stay the course when discouraged or uncomfortable? Tune in to hear a word of encouragement from one of my favorite scriptures and how I use it in my relationship. I encourage you to put this in your mental and spiritual toolbox as well. In this episode I