Confidence Made Easy with Xena Jones

Xena Jones

Confidence Made Easy is the podcast for women who struggle with self-doubt, fear of the worst case scenario & worry about what others think. This podcast will teach you how to have your own back, how to believe in yourself and how to create the self-confidence you need to go and live your life to the fullest! Each week Confidence Coach & Mindset Expert, Xena Jones shares tools, tips, ideas & stories that will help you to be more confident & enjoy your life even more. Find out more at

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3 Tips for imposter syndrome

"Who am I to be here? I’m a fraud. I’m nowhere near as competent as them!" Imposter syndrome is that feeling of doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud.The problem with imposter syndrome is that we make it mean something has gone wrong & we try to make the feeling

Untitled Episode

In this bonus episode I am answering a bunch of questions about what it's like to work with me. – How does it work? – What happens in a session– How long do we work together for? – How long are the sessions?– What do I expect on a consult?

Jodies Brave AF Story

In this episode we are joined by my client & friend Jodie as she share with us how she recently brought in her 30th birthday by doing something outside of her comfort zone. We talk about having your own back, doing hard things, going solo & loneliness. Jodie is a

Your relationship with yourself

How is your relationship with yourself? Are you hard on yourself, do you beat yourself? Do you like yourself?Our relationship with ourselves determines how we feel about ourselves & how we feel about ourselves determines the way we treat ourselves, what we do or don't do…In this episode I'm sharing

Choosing your hard

We do hard things every day. But there is a huge difference between doing hard things because they've become comfortable and doing them because they move us towards the things we want.  It's hard not having what you want. And it's hard making changes & doing new things. In this episode we are talking

How to be committed but not attached

When we are attached to the outcome we want we think we need it in order to be whole, complete & happy. *Cue alarm bells*Attachment creates desperation, control & a focus on action – it takes us away from who we want (& need) to be in order to make

When you're nervous

Nervousness is a common feeling brought on by your body's stress response but let's be honest we do our best to avoid it as much as possible because it feels like ass… BUT feeling nervous means you're about to do something that matters to you!In this episode I am sharing

Self-compassion with Becca Stark

Becca Stark is back to have a powerful conversation about self-compassion. What it is, why we struggle with it, how to do it, why it matters, all the things!This is a raw, real & vulnerable episode packed with take-aways. You can connect with Rebecca here:Instagram: 

How to boost your confidence

Want to take a shitty day & turn it around?Need a reminder of just how awesome & capable you really are. THIS IS FOR YOU!In this episode we are exploring the 4 stages of confidence.How my accident this week impacted my confidenceCreating a file of fantastic sh*t to remind your

Flavours of confidence

Just like Coca Cola comes in a bunch of flavours, so does confidence.In this episode we explore how to tap into different flavours when you feel nervous, afraid or have self-doubt. Connect with Xena below:BOOK A FREE CONSULT: