Best Life After Cancer

Deborah Butzbach

Join oncologist Dr. Deborah Butzbach, as she brings experience from both her medical practice and life coaching degree to help you release your fear, regain your joy and reduce your risk after cancer treatment.

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Recurrent Cancer and the Waiting Game

This podcast, written and recorded in June, talks about my husband and my journey with his recurrent head and neck cancer, as we waited for testing and surgery, and how I dealt with the struggles of managing my worries while we waited for testing, biopsies, and our surgical date.  Waiting

Cancer Recovery: Do You Need to Take Time Off?

After loosing my son, Miles in a car accident, my mom unexpectedly from complications of endocarditis, dealing with my oldest son’s depression and flashbacks to the accident, and navigating the diagnosis of a vocal cord cancer in my husband, I was struggling to navigate working as well.  I talk today

Rita’s Story: Beating Metastatic Melanoma

Rita was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of melanoma, that rapidly spread to her nodes, then to her liver and elsewhere.  Today, her scans are clear.  Hear her story, with all of the challenges and triumphs that came along the way.  She is an inspiration!

Understanding Grief from Cancer or Loss

This podcast talks about grief – that it is normal and necessary.  I talk about the stages of grief as I see them in my oncology patients, and as I experience them as a grieving parent.  

Dealing with Trauma (and what people say!)

Whether it is a death in the family, a cancer diagnosis or another trauma, what well-meaning family and friends say can be challenging.  Today, I talk about both my experience with this, and share a letter from a follower of the podcast.  Keep sending my messages about what you all

Michelle’s Breast Reconstruction Challenges

Michelle went through mastectomies with implant reconstruction, and developed a significant capsular contraction, in part from radiation.  She went on to have a latissimus flap reconstruction to repair this, and is now feeling great and enjoying life.  This podcast was recorded the week before I lost Miles, and it is

Tribute to Miles

I lost my son, Miles, a week ago. It was in a tragic car accident. He was 13. I may be absent from this space for a bit as I grieve, but know that I will be back and share the wisdom that I’ve gained along the way.