Best Life After Cancer

Deborah Butzbach

Join oncologist Dr. Deborah Butzbach, as she brings experience from both her medical practice and life coaching degree to help you release your fear, regain your joy and reduce your risk after cancer treatment.

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Cancer Recovery: Do You Need to Take Time Off?

After loosing my son, Miles in a car accident, my mom unexpectedly from complications of endocarditis, dealing with my oldest son’s depression and flashbacks to the accident, and navigating the diagnosis of a vocal cord cancer in my husband, I was struggling to navigate working as well.  I talk today

Episode 174: Resentment is About Envy Not Anger

I used to think that resentment was based in anger. Anger that my husband spent so much time at work. That he spent so much time with his patients. But what I’ve come to realize is that resentment is actually based in envy. Envy that my husband has something outside

Episode 173: How to Create a Safe Space for Yourself to Grow

Safety is a prerequisite for change. If you have goals you want to accomplish or habits you want to change, this podcast is a must.  I want to share with you how to accomplish what you want to accomplish without beating yourself up. You can’t hate yourself thin. You can’t

Rita’s Story: Beating Metastatic Melanoma

Rita was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of melanoma, that rapidly spread to her nodes, then to her liver and elsewhere.  Today, her scans are clear.  Hear her story, with all of the challenges and triumphs that came along the way.  She is an inspiration!

Episode 172: Just Like Me

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with someone? Of course you do. We all do. We’re all human. But what if you look at that thing that is frustrating you and think, Where can I find this quality in myself? How is this person just like me? It’s a powerful

Episode 171: Creating Unity in your Blended Family with Mindy Neal

In this episode, I’m speaking with a fellow life coach, Mindy Neal, about how to create unity in your blended family. I don’t normally have two interviews in a row, but I just couldn’t wait to share this with you. Mindy talks about how she created unity in her blended

Episode 170: Forgiveness and the Power of Coaching with Kristi

In this episode, I talk to a former client of mine about forgiveness. She came to me after struggling with something for many years. She didn’t know how to stop feeling hurt and angry at the person and what happened. She felt like this shouldn’t have ever happened. She not

Episode 168: Believing People are Doing the Best They Can

In this episode, I want to teach you how to believe that everyone is doing the best they can. I know, I know. I can hear you saying, ‘Really? That guy who just cut me off in traffic and then flipped me off is doing the best he can?’ Yes,