Being Mindful with the Spiritual Litigator

Cheyne Scott - Spiritual Litigator

This podcast is for high achieving attorneys whose passion for the practice of law may have been extinguished by years of stress, self doubt and anxiety. Cheyne Scott gives advice from the inside of the profession and can relate to other attorneys who experience the pressures of the billable hour, the hierarchy of a mid-sized law firm and the day to day pressures of circumstances out of our control, such as the actions and attitudes of adversaries, clients, supervisors and judges. Mindfulness is not just about being zen and sitting meditating on a mountain or on the beach. It is about accepting, observing and noticing what is going on in the moment without judgment. Mindfulness is also about noticing the ways that make you the most effective lawyer; noticing what is and what is not in your control; and knowing when it is time to let go. The goal of this podcast is to discuss how mindfulness can lead to increased satisfaction, fulfilment and success not only in the practice of law but in all areas of an attorney’s life.

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Ep. #21: What I’m Reading: 5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life

In this week’s episode, I talk about “5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life” by Bill Eddy, a lawyer and a therapist. In the book he goes into detail about high-conflict personality (“HCP”) types that are the source of many of the most intense relationship conflicts experienced by

Ep. #20: Managing Morning Anxiety

In this week’s episode, I talk about how I use routines to manage my morning anxiety.  We have all experienced it: your alarm goes off in the morning and your body fills with dread, anxiety and worry about everything that happened yesterday and everything that is going to happen today.

Ep. #19: That Case is NOT Your “Baby”

In this week’s episode, I discuss why identifying your case as your “baby” can trigger your primal fight or flight response any time that “baby” is threatened. 99% of the time, this new case is not a special snowflake, not going to change the world and is not your “baby”

Ep. #18: Criticism Will Not Kill You

In this week’s episode, I talk about three main reasons why criticism leads to beliefs that cause such intense negative emotion. The fear of losing your tribe, fear of failure and fear of punishment is engrained in us by our biology, traditional educational system and our respective upbringings. I discuss

Ep. #17: What I’m Reading: Grit

I am happy to report that my goal of reading one book per month has been successful so far. Studies have shown that reading can reduce stress, increase focus and increase analytical thinking. It’s a wonderful mindfulness tool and I try to set aside at least 30 minutes per day

Ep. #16: Panic-Free Legal Writing

In this week’s podcast episode, I discuss how to use mindfulness to change the beliefs that cause lawyers to panic when working on a legal writing assignment or project such as a brief or memo. Sometimes we can turn a brief into a monster of an assignment.   We associate

Ep #15: Sometimes You Are Wrong

My fellow litigators: sometimes you will be so sure that your case strategy will work and that someone else’s suggestion will not. And sometimes you will be completely and utterly wrong. If you do not accept that, you will experience the unnecessary emotional and physical consequences of failing to manage

Ep #14: The ABCs of Being a Mindful Lawyer

While doing some research on the intersection of mindfulness and psychology in preparation for a mindfulness seminar, I found something that clicked with me: the cognitive model by psychologist Albert Ellis that has been the backbone of cognitive behavioral science for decades and is extremely simple.  A – Activating Event;

Learning to Be a Present Lawyer

In this week’s podcast episode, I discuss being a present lawyer. My fellow litigators: do you often emotionally cry wolf every time you promise yourself that you will feel better when you [insert future event here]? Do you tell your family, friends or significant other that when you finish this

Setting Realistic Boundaries in Your Law Practice

In this week’s podcast episode, I discuss setting realistic boundaries in your law practice. If you do not set boundaries with your clients, adversaries, or partners, your productivity and motivation can suffer. Additionally, if you don’t set boundaries in your personal relationships, you may end up with less of them.