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Listen as I share with you tools, resources and conversations on how to create the life and business you want as a female entrepreneur. No people pleasing, rule following, and going along to get along. This means diving into your unique design, following your inner guidance, and uncovering the purpose only you can fulfill. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.

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Season 2 is a Wrap … What’s Next?

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Why My Family Left Laestadianism with Heidi Ritter

Heidi Ritter grew up in the First Apostolic Lutheran Church in Michigan. Today we discuss the rules of the church, how she felt like a black sheep, what happened when her dad became a Minister, and why her family ended up leaving the church. Listen in to learn about some

Why I Left Laestadianism and the First Apostolic Lutheran Church

Today you’ll hear about my experience being born into and growing up in the FALC and why I finally decided to leave after 50 years. See this in video form on YouTube: Listen in to learn about some of the following: What is Laestadianism Why I didn’t feel I

Finding My Own Relationship With God with Corissa Stepp

In this episode, Corissa Stepp shares her experience with growing up Catholic, her fear around being too close to God, and finally finding her own relationship with God. Listen in to learn about some of the following: What she heard from a nun as a teenager that disconnected her from

Leaving the Church as a Minister’s Daughter with Jennifer Balcom

Jennifer Balcom grew up in the Church of God where her father was the minister. She shares questions she had about religion starting from a young age and shares her wisdom on what she believes about faith today. Listen in to learn about some of the following: Why she felt

Gay Family Members and Mormonism with Sara Fisk

Sara Fisk is a former member of the LDS church. In today’s episode, she relays the story of her journey from fully embracing Mormonism, to slowly letting it go in light of 2 family members who came out as Gay. Listen in to learn about some of the following: What

Leaving the Church at 15 with Kendra Tervo

Join my conversation with my daughter Kendra to talk about growing up in the Church and why she felt the need to stop going at 15 years old. Listen in to learn about some of the following: How she felt about church after her brother died What happened when she

Raised in a Jewish Home as a Christian with Gigi Muth

Join my conversation with my friend Gigi Muth as she talks about her mother’s conversion to Judaism and how that brought confusion, questioning, and ultimately greater understanding into her life as a Catholic. Listen in to learn about some of the following: What Gigi believes the difference between Judaism and

Parenting and Human Design with Aypril Porter

Aypril Porter is on a mission to help her readers and clients live deep, rich, and authentic lives by giving themselves permission to live according to their Human Design. She is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Courageous Living Life Coach, a Quantum Human Design Specialist, and a Quantum Alignment

Bonus: Life Update

Life delivers ups and downs. Right now I feel like I’m “in the flow” in an UP part of my life. Here’s an update on what’s happening in my life and work right now. Listen in to learn about some of the following: Why I feel so healthy Why I