Beat Physician Burnout with Deanna Larson M.D.

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Healthcare burnout is more prevalent than ever. As a working physician and certified life coach, host Deanna Larson helps healthcare professionals beat burnout and find fulfillment. She understands the struggles physicians face every day. Using evidence-based solutions and actionable tactics she teaches you how to create the life you deserve. The patient can no longer come first. Physicians need to care for themselves first in order to take the best care of patients.

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Ep. 8 Stress Today

In this episode I share with you a chapter from a book called Burnout written by Emily and Amelia Nagoski.  The chapter is called ”The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle”.  There are some things regarding stress that have changed dramatically over the decades and there are some things that

Ep. 7 Working Mom Guilt

Today I talk about one of the most common issues women physicians deal with: working mom’s guilt. I remember being told I could have it all, but no one told me how hard it would be to miss out on my daughters milestones and activities.  I want to share some

Ep. 6 Requests and Boundaries

In this episode, I explain the difference between making requests and setting boundaries with the people in your life.  Most of us cringe thinking about boundaries, but the opposite is true.  Knowing how to develop a boundary correctly can make your relationships more true and authentic.  I explain how to

Ep. 5 Manuals

Today I explain what a Manual is.  Yes, it’s like an instruction manual for other people.  The catch is that we believe the person needs to behave a certain way so WE can be happy.   In the end, humans have free will.  They may not always do what you

Ep. 4 Gratitude Is NOT All WooWoo

In this episode I give you all you need to know about gratitude and why it works, scientifically.  There are so many things this simple practice can improve.  Many physicians have Imposter Syndrome and low self esteem.  Having gratitude can help .  I discuss techniques ranging from simple acknowledgement to

Ep. 3 How To Say No

Today I talk about saying no. I really believe this is one of the most important skills that every physician  needs to learn to manage their burnout.  I talk about some of the reasons it is so hard to say no and give you so easy examples to use when

Ep. 2 So we do have to talk about our feelings!!

In this episode I discuss how every action we take, or don’t take, is motivated by what we are feeling at the time. I discuss the four different ways we deal with our emotions (Resist, React, Avoid, Allow).   Finally, I cover how we can learn to process our emotions. (01:48)

Ep. 1 Why I Eat Ice Cream When Feeling Anxious or Sad

In this episode I discuss the definition of buffering and how it can affect us when we feel overwhelmed or anxious. I talk about how even seemingly positive actions, like working or exercising, can be buffering. I explain how the first step is always awareness.  We dive into how our

Introduction and Welcome

In this episode I talk a little bit about my life and burnout journey. I review the current state of medicine and why you should care. I question the belief that our goal should be 100% happiness all the time. I suggest that it may be better to view events