Ballroom State of Mind

Amber Haider

Ballroom dancers love working on their dancing skills and technique! But if dancers neglect to train their mind, it can sabotage them when it counts most. I’m Amber Haider and I’m a Life and Mental Strength Coach for amateur ballroom dancers. If you want to take your dancing further, faster, with less anxiety and more fun, stick around. It’s time to make that beautiful brain your most powerful asset. We talk about dance AND life, providing tools to uplevel all areas of your life, not just your dancing! Visit for more information and for contact details

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97. Living Life In Alignment & Healing From Complex PTSD

Monika Martin is a French soul therapist and alignment coach living in Switzerland. She is a certified yoga teacher and she has been trained in somatic embodiment and regulation strategies. Without medication, she found ways to heal her C-PTSD and burnout after years of crippling anxiety and debilitating chronic pain.

96. Finding Your Self Worth

Meena Kumari Adnani is a Self Empowerment & Business Coach for women, an international speaker and a former lawyer.  She is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales and an attorney in New York. She has held senior executive roles in renowned international public listed companies in London, Singapore and

95. Reclaiming Your Voice & Step Into Your Power

Cheryl A. Clarke is a Psychotherapist, an Un-stuck Coach, and the founder of the ill you know? Well if the mindset work and trying the tools isn’t working, and you find yourself saying things like “I don’t want to feel this way…” then you might be avoiding your emotions. Emotions

94. Overcoming Betrayal & Hurt

Venus Morris Griffin is a mother of seven, a dynamic real estate agent, and a survivor.  Her story is one of enduring and conquering unspeakable betrayal. In 2011, Venus received a phone call that delivered devastating news and changed her life forever. After years of working to survive a volatile

93. How To Achieve Your Goals in 2023

Grab your pen, paper and prepare to manifest everything you want in the new year. In this episode, Amy guides you through a step by step process on how to set, maintain and achieve your goals for 2023. Connect with Amy Sanders Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Thrive Club:

92. Healing Through Movement & Meditation

Angela Gentile, founder of the Sweat Remix wellness brand, motivates you to start and sustain physical exercise, guides you towards greater self awareness, and provides keeping it real life coaching. With a variety of online fitness classes and her signature #ZenRageHeal process, she and Sweat Remix provide folks with an

91. Overcoming Fear

Dr. Aleta V. Ashford is an author and advice columnist who has spent most of her career working in the corporate arena. In addition to having completed Business degrees at both the master’s and doctoral levels, Dr. Ashford embarked on a second career as a Business Professor where she often

90. Moving Through Fear & Failure

In this episode Amy shares how failure builds character, compassion, resilience and creativity. Sometimes the fear of failure is worse than failing. It’s truly not about how far you fail, but how high you bounce back that counts. Failure sometimes sets us back and causes us to hit the reset

89. Handling The Holidays With Ease

This week Amy shares 10 things you can do to prevent stress during this holiday season. Whether you are struggling financially, spiritually, emotionally, or physically this holiday season,  remember to acknowledge and express your feelings. Releasing trapped energy is essential for healing. Reach out for support from friends, family or

88. Handling Loss & How To Recover From It

Jennifer Senn, founder of Navigating Baby Loss, is a certified life coach who specializes in pregnancy loss recovery coaching. Her third pregnancy ended in a stillbirth of their twin daughters weeks before they were to be born and her experience of living through that loss as well as a following