Awaken to You for Moms

Bayla Abdurachmanov

In this podcast, I help ambitious moms with young children and BIG dreams to step into their full potential as a mother and pursue their soul’s calling without the burnout. If you are an ambitious woman who is out to make a difference in your family and in the world, then this podcast is for you. I will help you expand and embrace your new identity now that you’re a mom. I will help you learn how to listen to your Inner Knowing, gain control of your circumstances, and embrace your new and beautiful identity. To work with Bayla directly, go to:

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How to Add More Play in Your Life

In this episode, we are going to talk about the first thing that always gets cut out of our lives when we start to feel too busy–play. We are going to explain why it’s so important NOT to cut play out. And we are also going to cover simple ways

The Power of Quiet Space

In this week’s episode, I define the emotional quality of quiet space and how to create it in your life. I walk you through the past few weeks in my own life, where I have been actively carving out more quiet space and I show you just how I do

Work-Life Balance Is a Lie. Period.

In this episode, I teach what you probably already knew intuitively but have never heard explained before–and that is that there’s no such thing as work-life balance. It’s a lie.  Work-life balance is a lie because balance implies a qualitative and quantitative equivalence between work and life, which simply isn’t

Why the Self-Care Myth is Harmful. And What to Do Instead.

In this episode, I talk about why the self-care myth is harmful. It’s that myth perpetuated on social media that says if you just take a bubble bath and read a good book, that’ll fix things. Well, it won’t, and that’s because true self-care is about understanding and fulfilling our

Why You Never Have Enough Time and What to Do About It.

I’m going to teach you how to have more time by making time your friend. This is an important episode because this is the number one issue that I encounter from moms–not having enough time. The three main points I cover in this episode are:  You’re in a relationship with

Two Types of Difficult

There are two types of difficult: unproductive difficulty and productive difficulty. I’m going to teach you the difference between the two. This is for you, especially if you are starting a business, changing jobs, learning a new parenting style, or going through any major change in life right now. Unproducitve

Part 2: The Cure for the Superwoman Complex

In the last episode (Part 1), we explained what the Superwoman Complex is and in this episode we are going to explain what the CURE is for those who are stuck in the Superwoman Complex. So, the superwoman complex is the belief that we need to do it ALL as