Autoimmune Hope Coach Podcast

Sarah Brown

Autoimmune life has two parts: what we hope for and what gets in the way. Our symptoms and diagnoses become falling dominoes that affect our emotional well-being, work, relationships, and future dreams. The Autoimmune Hope Coach Podcast offers emotional relief by teaching tools for empowerment in context of living with autoimmune struggles.

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45. Flare Up Transitrions

Out on a snowy, icy walk I thought of you! I was experiencing something that reminded me of living with flare ups. You will find this very useful. Enjoy!

42. Illuminate

Make the decision. Gather the lights. Illuminate your life-with-illness

41. Autoimmune: The Hero’s Journey

Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as a metaphor for living with autoimmune illness is filling me up! I’m introducing the idea in this episode. Eat it up!! You are amazing!!

40. Pain: Hide or Explain?

This is a strategic call on your part. But in 12 minutes I’m explaining the crux of the strategy and some tips to make your decision more efficient and more self-representative.

38. P.S. to Episode thirty-seven

OH! From Episode 37, a forgot-to-mention MAIN MESSAGE burst out of my heart (and out of my eyes). Please, please give this a listen.

37. Living at the Helm of Your Life with Illness

There are a few things to face when we live with autoimmune symptoms! Some of them are exhausting to think about and others of them we need to remember more often. But if you want day where you feel more whole, listen for 10 min and grab an idea or

36. Against the Dictator: My Big Cry

Reading a book called “A Liberated Mind” by Steven Hays, phD, I have been finding my “Dictator Within” which is part of my brain that is not super useful. And in this particular case, I pushed against my inner “dictator” and had my big cry.