Another Beautiful Life

Tricia Zody

Welcome to Another Beautiful Life podcast where I will be sharing my personal journey with you – an unexpected journey of profound, complicated grief after the suicide of my husband and the ongoing healing & restoration of my mind, body, and spirit in the aftermath. May my story be a source of hope for yours.

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F.I.X. Your Husband: Part 3

This is the X-Factor of F.I.X. Your Husband. It’s the secret sause, the thing you probably don’t know about yet.  Join me today to hear how to get exactly what you want from your husband. You might be surprised to know you can actually F.I.X. him. Are you wondering how

F.I.X. Your Husband: Part 2

He thinks intimacy looks one way; you think it’s another. So, how can you have a deeper sense of connection through different types of intimacy? Join me today as I share the second of the three secrets that will help you F.I.X. Your Husband! Register for the F.I.X. Your Husband

F.I.X. Your Husband: Part 1

“Help! My husband needs fixing!!” Is there something your husband is doing or not doing that you’d like to be able to change? Do you feel like if you could just fix him in one area things would be so much better? Well, today I’m sharing the first of the

Overcome Fear

Fear is a natural human response to changing or challenging circumstances in our lives. But fear can become overwhelming and consume our lives. Join me today as I give you three things to quickly do to overcome fear and, instead, walk in joy and peace.  Are you wondering how Life

Seasons Of Life: Fall

This is the last episode in the Seasons Of Life series, talking about the abundant harvest of Fall…or not. This is the moment of truth. What happens in Fall reveals if we have really done that which is required to see a great harvest. Join me as we talk about

Seasons Of Life: Summer

Today I’m continuing on with the Seasons of Life: Summer. Summer is a time of growth. It’s the season where you must nourish and protect the seeds that you planted in Spring – your dreams, your decisions, your plan for another beautiful life. Join me as I show you how

Seasons Of Life: Spring

Today I’m continuing on with the seasons of life: Spring. The season of Spring is full of hope, new beginnings, and opportunities. It’s a time of possibilities to create something new in your life. Join me as I show you what’s necessary in order to reap a full and abundant

Seasons Of Life: Winter

Is your life defined by sadness, heartbreak, loneliness, and sickness – whether that be physical or emotional? If so, you’re experiencing the season of Winter in your life. Join me on the podcast today as I show you how to move through Winter and what you should be doing to

How To Change A Pattern

The mind and the body are intimately and intricately connected, and you are able to train your brain to break old, unwanted patterns in your life and replace them with new patterns. . In todays episode I talk about how a change in physiology and a verbal response always results

3 Lessons Learned About Being A Christian

I’ve been talking about hitting the target lately. I’ve been thinking about it in terms of my spiritual life, too, not just in making a skydiving landing. Join me as I talk about the three things that I learned in skydiving that is a perfect analogy for the Christian life.