KNOW part 3, How Parents are Making Their Young Adults' Lives Harder, with Clarice Paulson and Caleb Price

Episode 80 – KNOW part 3, How Parents are Making Their Young Adults' Lives Harder, with Clarice Paulson and Caleb Price

This episode is the 3rd in the KNOW, LOVE, GROW series and is all about getting to know your children better, specifically your young adult. 


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A special thank you to Clarice Paulson and Caleb Price for being open and honest in the questions I asked them. 

I have coached many parents, and also coached many young adults. I have seen how often both groups are misunderstanding each other and working against each other instead of together. 

The two main ways Clarice and Caleb said parents are making their lives harder are:

#1 – Parents are trying to limit their YA choices and take away their agency because they are afraid of the choices their YA will make. They don’t want to allow their YA to experience failure and the consequences of their actions, so they are trying to control what their YA’s life looks like. 

#2 – When young adults are making choices and they are not the ones the parents want them to make, the parents are labeling themselves as a failure as a parent. Parents are putting their own value and success on the line depending on what choices their YA makes, and that puts a tremendous amount of pressure on their YA. 

Tune in after the interview for my insights into how you can start to combat these issues in your parenting and in your family. 

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