KNOW part 2 – Expectations and Your Family Members, with Leah Davidson

Episode 79 – KNOW part 2, Expectations and Your Family, with Leah Davidson 

This is the 2nd episode in the Know, Love, Grow series.

Have you ever taken a personality test to get to know yourself better? This week’s episode is all about getting to know yourself better through different personality tests. I focus on one test in particular – The 4 Tendencies. I focused on this particular test because the #1 problem I coach people on is their unmet expectations. My clients are not meeting the expectations they have for themselves and their family members are not meeting the expectations my clients have for them. Lots of disappointment shows up in both circumstances. 

The 4 Tendencies test gives us information about ourselves that can be very useful in this area! Knowing our natural tendency in how we keep expectations and having this same information about our family members is powerful. 

Personality tests can be very powerful, but they can open our eyes to things we don’t want to see about ourselves because they expose our weaknesses. Be open to all of it – including the parts you don’t want to see. Allow it to give you information about yourself that you can decide what to do with when you’re ready.

Knowing who you are, what your strengths are, and taking an honest look at the things you don’t like about yourself is how you begin to accept yourself and then grow yourself. 


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Do you want to take one (or all) of the personality tests mentioned in this podcast? Links are below.

Via Strengths Test

The 4 Tendencies Test



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