Episode 13: Program Your Reticular Activating System To Create Your Dream Life

Welcome to the Blueprint For Your Dream Life Podcast with Dr. Serene Shereef where we explore how to design the blueprint for our dream life with intention and create our best life on purpose. Serene Shereef is a trauma acute care surgeon, mom to 3 children, homeschool mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, community creator, baker, dreamer & a transformational life coach who helps women physicians struggling with burnout and overwhelm to take control of their time, mind, energy & productivity.

Her unique framework is a powerful integrated tool that combines the energy of mindfulness, self-love and self-compassion with the scientific principles of habit-building, time-design, life-by-design tools and your unique systems of productivity so that you can do less, live more, and create your dream life by design.

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