Welcome to Magnetic Networking Accelerator

It’s a brand new year with a brand new name for the podcast and I’m SO thrilled to embrace this new chapter of Magnetic Networking Accelerator.

When I started this podcast journey in October 2020,  I was working full time  and it used to be called Cash Flow is Confidence!

After I left the corporate world, it became so clear to me that it was time to rebrand to Magnetic Abundance. Throughout that season, I was deep into inner self work to unlock my potential and heal from the past. I started to blend spirituality in my consulting and coaching business.

Along the journey, I had interviewed so many incredible guests across the globe, created a number of programs and courses for my business. And I also contributed to 4 multi-author books that became #1 International Bestseller.

From there, I began to experience a season of change and deeper transformation that led me to this new chapter of Magnetic Networking Accelerator.

I’ll be sharing all things related to the power of networking, business transformation, wealth creation, lifestyle and living in a state of abundance, peace and joy!

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